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  1. It's a smashing guitar, I couldn't be happier with mine. The pickups are louder than normal though, and this seems to be the general consensus for the 2017 Classic. But they sound great, and the neck is just perfect even though I usually prefer fatter necks. But the rolled frets and binding makes it just so comfortable.
  2. By your description it sounds like the same neck I have on my Sheraton II Pro... indeed a very comfortable neck!
  3. Quick update... I guess the strings had to settle in for a few days. My new Sheraton II Pro feels and plays great again, with just as much (or little) buzz as before I changed the strings. I guess I wasn't used to a guitar needing this because the string height is much lower on than on my other guitars... Anyway, thanks y'all!
  4. I forgot to say that I naturally checked the relief, which is unchanged (and I know since I adjusted the truss rod the day before), and the string height in general is also unchanged. Aside from the buzz, my biggest issue is that the old strings sounded really warm and soft, whereas the new sound cold and sharp. Is this really a matter of which brand of strings I use? On my Gibson Les Paul, the strings sound warm and soft in the same way as they did on the Sheraton. I really can't wrap my head around this. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that the old strings had been so worn in that their sound became soft from that... but I've never experienced such a huge difference before when changing from really old strings...
  5. Hi guys! So I bought a Sheraton II Pro a couple of days ago (I even created a post about it) and since the strings – which sounded so nice, soft and mellow acoustically, like on my Gibson Les Paul – were dirty, I changed them today. Same gauge – 10s. One at a time, starting with the 6th low E. Wrong move. Suddenly the three wound strings have a lot of fret buzz all over the neck, and I can't find any reason why. And the strings sound cold, not at all mellow and soft. So I thought I'd change to Vintage Reissue Pure Nickel strings, like the ones I use on my Les Paul, thinking that maybe the old ones were pure nickel. Now it's maybe a little better, but still buzzing a lot more than before. Has anyone else had experiences with this kind of behaviour? I can't believe that one has to break in the strings for a few days before they stop buzzing. I've never had this problem on any other guitar before... From perfect to buzz just with a string change...
  6. Previously I had a Dot Deluxe which was simply stunning with its flame top, but the sound just wasn't good enough so I itching to try out a Sheraton II Pro with Probuckers. And I have to say, the quality and feel of the guitar is just spectacular. As someone who has owned a Gibson ES-335, I can say that this one blows the Gibby out of the water when it comes to overall feel. No question about it. The string height is super low with almost no buzz, and the Probuckers are really, really, really good and versatile. It just blew my mind how this guitar can be so good... Anybody else have similar experiences with the Sheraton II Pro? Or older versions, for that matter.
  7. Hey guys! I have a Dot Deluxe from 2009, a stunningly beautiful flametop vintage sunburst that sounds really nice for blues and Chuck Berry-style rock 'n' roll (especially now that I lowered the pickups). The neck and fretboard is by far one of the most comfortable ones I've ever held in my hands (and I have owned a Gibson 335), and that is partly because of the rolled fretboard edges and the fact that the frets don't have any kind of edge sticking out. Is this (rolled fretboard and no fret edges) normal on Epiphones, or at least higher end Epiphones? I'm including a photo for those who don't get what I mean. Also, I was wondering about the Epiphone '57 Classic Humbuckers that are supposedly in the Dot Deluxe, instead of the regular Epi alnico humbuckers that are in the regular Dots. Has anyone tried both? Is there a big difference? To me, while they are not as clear as the Gibson '57 Classics they sound really good and come fairly close. Especially with a little overdrive.
  8. I received my titanium nut with quick shipping (to Sweden) and the service and response time was excellent. Maybe your e-mail got lost somehow? I suggest you try again :)
  9. So how did it go, will you get the titanium nut? I'm in Sweden and have the same problem with the brass nut, so I just wrote to customer service to ask for the titanium nut replacement...
  10. I am simply in love with my 2015 Studio... Desert Sunburst... It's just a beautiful guitar to look at, and it feels so right in my hands. I still love my American Stratocaster, but the more I play the Les Paul, the closer we get... I just want to play it all the time!
  11. I think it's only natural that the Hologram and the autograph-logo will be gone, since they were specifically there for the 100 year anniversary of Les Paul. As for the G-Force, Zero fret nut and the wider neck, perhaps they will have a "modern" series where they will keep the innovations? This way, both the the crowd that refuses any bold changes and the ones willing to go for something new will be happy. It's a win-win situation! :D
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