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  1. Axe- Of course, mass isn't the "final word" regarding tone. Hell, to discuss everything that contributes to tone would require more time than any of us care to spend... You've got pickups, finish (nitro vs. poly), guitar dimensions, blah blah blah.... I was just trying to get at what people prefer, all else being equal, regarding weight.
  2. Rockstar- Since we are talking about the same style guitar (guitars of the same volume) Density=Weight, since Density=Weight/Volume and the Volume of all Les Pauls are the same.... Thus, in this case, we can use the terms weight and density interchangeably.
  3. I don't doubt what you say but they are NOT irrelevant and, in general, lighter lp are more resonant. And, to argue that wood mass is irrelevant to tone is the height of ignorance... And, I'm not trying to be confrontational. I'm simply stating physical fact and I have a Phd in Physics (FACT).
  4. Tone and weight are irrelevent??? Do you even play guitar? The weight of the guitar contributes significantly to tone... Light les paul's are very resonant with more highs, heavier ones tend to be warmer.....
  5. I'm speaking tone-wise not comfort... and, it's just an opinion question, not absolute because tone is relative.
  6. Of the solid body Les Paul's what is everyone's general opinion as to the optimal weight?
  7. I was just curious, do pickup covers effect the tone of the pickup? Physically, it looks like they would have SOME effect on the magnet field of the pickup since the covers are metal. What do you guys know regarding this topic? Thanks
  8. Maybe it's just me but, I think the top looks great... I'm not a flame top fan, at all. I personally love plain tops but, inconsistencies give a top charater... Now, I'm in no way an authority nor fan of flame tops but, that said, I think it looks fine...
  9. I've really been thinking about having my LP rewired like the Jimmy Page model. Does anyone have their Les Paul wired this way? If so, how do you like it and what pickups did you use (since one must use 4-conductor wired pickups)? Also, is there any way to rewire the Burstbucker 1 & 2 pickups to 4-conductor wiring? Thanks
  10. Picks: I used Fender Heavy picks for years 'till I discovered Dava GripTips, which are the best picks I've ever used... As I've said before, the best thing one can say about a pick is that you don't notice it... GripTips have no string/pick drag, great attack and last forever. Cables: No preference Amps: Fender Twin Reverbs
  11. I've learned.... And, I hope I continue to learn until the day I die.
  12. Yep... To improvise/jam-improvise you really need to have a great ear or at least a moderate understanding of theory so that you can determine what key "they" are jammin' in (so that you can join in with lead, if you like)... For example, if they start jammin' to a little 1-4-5 progression in C ( i.e., C-F-G chords) then you can do some lead work in C major/A minor...
  13. I like Fender amps... They have great clean channels, which is what I need as I use pedals typically to get my tone.
  14. Who has your favorite Les Paul tone? For example, if we were talking Stratocaster, I'd have to say Stevie Ray Vaughan's tone and David Gilmour's tone are my two favorites.
  15. $$-wise, I've seen the difference less than $2000.... I was speaking in terms of construction though... Actually, I'm not a big fan of flamed maple (a little too ostentatious and busy for my taste) so, the '58 plain top is more to my liking... I had read somewhere that the '59 had larger frets, in addition to a slimmer neck.
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