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  1. So.....Luis how is the 2.73 pre release coming along? I thought we would have gotten a full release of it by now or a new update beta... since it was posted in July...But you might also be adding new features to the release....I was just trying to get an idea of any timeline on the release...
  2. Yes...This I know.... but once the down beat is set then auto beat grid should automatically adjust the rest of the beats that follows and then I would have no need to keep my beat grid to manual anymore.....so switching back to auto beat grid show be able to map the grid after I set the first downbeat but in a lot of cases it doesn't....so I have to keep beat grid in manual mode...which shouldn't be the case after the first downbeat is set...Auto beat grid should then update the beat of the track as a accurate beat grid. I hope you understand what I am trying to say...I think there should be a grid lock button for tracks that are properly beat grid also
  3. I was just wondering why we are unable to adjust the beat grid in auto grid mode as we can in manual mode. We should be able to shift the beat grind in auto mode all other DJ program give you that ability. I like the way Engine Prime from Denon DJ does it and I thing they use the same z-plane algorithm like you I think. Say for instant a Shift Key plus the the left right arrows under the beat grid would give you like a micro shifting of the beat to properly line up the beats.Then the auto beat grid would just accordingly. Also the ability to name cue points and the ability to multi-sort for better smart playlist. I will put together a wishlist of features from other programs (Media managers and DJ software) that I would like to see in Deckadance later today to see what you thing of the ideas....
  4. A question about how this function works. Say for instant the auto beat grind detect the bpm of a particular song at say 150 bpm... but should be 75 bpm...But the system detects the down beat in the wrong place..in order to correct this you have to disengage auto grid then set the proper bpm and set the proper down beat and reanalyze the file. But if you re-engage auto beat grid it still doesn't see the new down beat that you set...I am thing that maybe a phase shift is need in the auto beat grind....So you can move the down beat to the proper place while the auto beat grid is still engage. So all song can have the auto beat grid for a proper beat and phase mixing... Also I notice Beat X fade only works on decks A & B only...
  5. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    How is the new update coming along...? Hope you have solved the issues...Any idea when v2.73 will be released officially?
  6. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    OK...ran more test today...from 2.51 - 2.73 and I finally found the problem of the audio drop out. It started in 2.71 and still exist in the 2.73 pre-release demo version that was released today. The problem only occur when I change any Equalizer nob on deck A before loading a track into the deck. Then the audio will drop out...This only happens on deck A only. If no Equalizer nob is change in deck A before loading a track then the program works fine....strange ...Also like the new updates in 2.73...the equalizer kills sounds better than older version...like the new virtual decks display also.
  7. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    Auto-gain It's there. Once the songs are analyzed and auto gain is applied automatically. You can see the value of the auto-gain in the beatmarks file....OK I see it after looking into analyzed files beat mark...Just couldn't understand why they were not showing up on the gain nobs as they do in Traktor DJ...when the file is loaded into the decks...could we also get a auto-gain column in the browser? Any update on the new update as far as what new that will be added and what bugs got fix and released time?
  8. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    This happens every time I open Deckadance v2.72. So I am back to Deckadance v2.61 and this works great which is very strange to me...Lets see if it stays the same with the new update...Also what I was trying to say is that if I delete a file...say a mp3 file of a song and replace it with a flac version of the same song. In Traktor DJ it will let me know that that the file is missing then prompt me via a drop down menu to find the file and add the cue points and bpm and key for the old mp3 file to the new flac file then scan it for a proper beat grid.... Also when will we get a auto gain function in Deckadance? Will the eq kills be addressed in the next update?
  9. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    Deckadance Audio drivers issue in v2.72 vs v2.61 You hear a loud audio click when loading files on v2.72 compare to v2.61 where there is no drivers problem and the system does not lock up compare to v2.72 where the program become unusable...But v2.61 runs great.....Just strange...The problem is mainly with decks 1&2 not 3&4 but it locks up randomly on v2.72....Uploading the videos sometime today to YouTube....because the problem is still there even after a clean install of windows 10 and Deckadance.... Also I am having trouble trying to understand how the software handles the Cue and BPM storage for each individual file. In the C:\Program Files (x86)\Stanton\Deckadance 2\beatmarks....there is a folder system and a filing system the folders are number form 1 - 255...In those folders there are more folders are that have no apparent system to them, they look like there are randomly generated and numbered..Then in those folders there is the XML generated file for each individual file with the name of each audio file. Witch would make it impossible to search for the XML file that correspond to a certain audio file. Because you don't know what folder to look in. Now in the root folder of beatmarks there is also XML generated files with the file name of individual songs as well but with the corresponding number to each tracks that I can understand somewhat. Now for the song that are missing CUE points and BPM info ...that I know that I already cued and scanned how do I recover those form the file system that the software uses. I now that one of the filing system is from and older version of Deckadance...witch one is it...? The folder system or the just plain XML without the folders. It's getting really frustrating loosing these cue points and have to cue them over and over.... YouTube Links to videos
  10. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    I made a video of the bug that I am talking about but.... sorry I am not allowed to upload the video
  11. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    I will see if I can make and upload a video for you to see what I am talking about...
  12. Junior_R

    Audio Bug

    When dragging and dropping an audio file from the browser into decks A or B while any A or B decks are playing the audio drops out and become distorted...the audio driver seems to get corrupted ...But only for deck A or B.I have no problem if A is playing and I drag and drop into C or D Or B playing and drag and drop into C and D...with or without my behringer controllers hooked up strange . I have replicated it over and over...The key tagged import works really well I must say....I use BeaTunes 4 to scan my file for BPM and Key tagged info....Key info gets imported with the color code that BeaTunes 4 uses really nice ....wish Deckadance would read the BPM info also just for less analyzing of my file. wouldn't need to analyze twice which makes the process somewhat frustrating... ....Edit... Just ran some more test by deleting v 2.72 and reinstall each version from v2.43 - v2.61 and I am only have this issue on current version v2.72 couldn't find beta v 2.71 to test... OS: Win 10 latest AMD Phenom 11 X6 1090T RAM 16GB
  13. Ok.....Luis...I understand..This is my registered name in this forum....
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