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  1. What a beautiful amp! I have a Skylark from 1963 (Crestline, no tremolo) and I love it more than most things I own! The tone is sensational. Just what I want - I don't even need any pedals!! Very sound advice about getting the amp properly serviced. It's definitely worth it. Hope you have many, many great hours playing through it. Best, Nick --------------------- One Flight Up Music Studios Sydney
  2. Hey all, I recently put together a few videos demonstrating the vintage amps at my recording studio in Sydney. There are 4 featured: A Gibsonette, a Gibson Skylark Crestline, plus 2 other non-Gibson amps ;) Check them out: Vintage Amps Let me know which is your favourite! (Mine's the Skylark) Nick ------------------ One Flight Up | Music Studios Sydney
  3. Hey Robroy, Congratulations on your purchase! The Skylarks rule!! Amazing amps! Nick --------------- One Flight Up | Music Studios Sydney
  4. Hey everyone, I recently interviewed one of Australia's top Bass players and his production partner about how to make great Bass recordings. I thought people here might be interested to have a read.... Recording Bass Let me know how you guys like to record Bass.... any special tips or secrets you want to share? Cheers, Nick ---------------- One Flight Up Recording Studios
  5. ....perhaps I should have posted this in the recording forum.... ;) Nick ---- One Flight Up Recording Studios Sydney
  6. Hey everyone, I've got a 1963 Gibson Skylark amp, and I love it. it is just the most amazing little amp I've ever heard. What a tone! Anyway, I just penned an article on my studio website about recording electric guitar. I thought people here might find it useful. There are many articles on the web on this topic, many more detailed than my article, but what I'm aiming for is a straight-forward guide for musicians to record themselves and get a great result. 5 Tips for Amazing Electric Guitar Recordings In the article you'll find reference to my beloved little '63 Gibson Skylark, and a few photos too :) Enjoy. Comments / suggestions welcome. Nick --- One Flight Up Recording Studios Sydney
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