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  1. About $500 more than the price of a clean used J-45.
  2. Hi, I have a Hummingbird Vintage and need a replacement pickguard. I'm not the original owner (who damaged the pickguard), and don't have a warranty claim. I just would like to know how I can purchase a new authentic one from Gibson? Thanks.
  3. You could get this one for less with a reasonable offer. https://reverb.com/item/20303011-gibson-j45-2016-vintage-thermally-aged-adirondack-sunburst-top
  4. I was bidding on one of these D-21 specials in near mint condition on ebay and lost out at $1600. Would have liked to try it.
  5. Yeah, it looks like Dave is dropping both the acoustic and electric line, and that it's due to increased sales quotas for online retailers, which for Gibson aren't that many, basically the GCs, MFs, Sweetwaters, and Dave's and Wildwood. I guess to an extent it was unfair to allow for Dave's to advertise their Gibsons online whereas most other independent stores, even Music Villa and Fuller's, could not. And last, these reduced prices aren't really "sales"; these were always the prices that Dave's quoted if you contacted them; they're just advertising them online now.
  6. Looks like they're clearing out all their Gibson inventory. New models listed at below MAP price: http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson-montana/type/acoustic-guitar/condition/new/
  7. I was with him when he said, is this a country guitar, and when he said is this a blues guitar, but when he said bluegrass, and strummed a couple of G chords, and then said jazz, and played a blues progression, I began to wonder whether this run of Fuller J-45s was as full of hot smoke as the seller.
  8. I'm glad things worked out for you personally, but what about customers who aren't members of this forum? Do their messages go unanswered until and unless they become members of this forum and someone from Gibson happens to chance upon a post? That seems like a Chinese way to do business, not American.
  9. When I saw the thread title, I assumed they had come out with a J-45 2017, with new and improved script logo and exotic walnut filler. And I didn't think that the thread was sarcastic.
  10. Does anyone know why a lot of the vintage Gibson archtops don't cost that much money, comparatively? I'm thinking of 1930s-1950s L-50s, L-48s, even some L7s. I'v never had a chance to try them, but they look really cool. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  11. Kinda has a 3d effect, but of dry mahogany goodness. Did I read right somewhere that the nut width is even smaller than the standard 1.725?
  12. I couldn't get past the hand-tattoos and the charles manson beard; was there a guitar involved in that video?
  13. That recording made me want to buy a D-35, and I don't care much for D-35s, or at least I thought I didn't!
  14. I kind of like it because it reminds me of the Dove's b&s.
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