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  1. I see that you have a Telecaster. I found a gorgeous one (also in a junk store, but that's another story) and that guitar sounds fantastic with the Falcon amp.
  2. I have been playing it for a few months now and it really has a great sound, like a Princeton, but better.
  3. We did some more polishing of the turd, minor surgery and new tubes. I believe this is the offending bit Dkevin pointed out. The amp now sounds terrific, thanks for all your help.
  4. I like thrift stores and pawn shops. 99% of the time, there isn't anything of interest but if I keep checking them, eventually something cool turns up. This is why I call my music room "the island of misfit toys".
  5. " I've got one of these and a friend just did some minor repairs on it. His thought is that the old Jenson cr 12 is junk and should be replaced, I am keeping it but I don't think it's anything special other than being "original".
  6. So the update is that I gave this amp to my friend, who is an electrical engineer and geek for old guitar amps, a few days ago. He called and said "I've polished your turd!" All he did was change out a few leaky caps, fried resistors, put in a three pronged chord, and replace a few dried wires. The reverb hum is gone and "The Turd" now has much better low end response and overall tone. I'm going to order some new tubes and we may make some incremental changes including replacing the Sprague P.O.S. Tone taffy mess but it is GREATLY improved and I think it may be a sleeper cool amplifier, th
  7. I have (theoretically) a Blackstar HT 60 that's been at the shop for months so I'd stay away from those. It sounded great before it blew up though.
  8. I have something similar and they are easy and won't come off. You don't have to change the nuts.. Remember, if your Les Paul isn't flat on the ground, it's trying to get there :)
  9. I visited my friend who I bought the guitar from (original owner) and he came up with the original warranty and bill of sale from 1978. $850 Canadian, way cool!
  10. Thanks all for your advice. I played the amp some more, and the observation about the sound being thin probably comes from the high end response of the amp. If I twist the tone knob all the way to the right, dogs start howling. I think it's pretty loud. I've got a Blackstar HT 60 soloist (insanely loud) and the Gibson is less so, but it's not out of the ballpark. The reverb hum is not a big deal and I'm going to play it and research techs! Dkevin, the model number is GA 19 RVT if that tells you anything more. There is a serial number stamped into the chassis but I haven't found a resourc
  11. There are legions of amp techs around here but I have never seen one of these and as they only made around 200, I doubt anyone else has either. I can't imagine it sounding much better, other than the reverb hum. I'm more concerned about accidentally seeing my skeleton, or it bursting into flames. Maybe it's worth a call to Gibson USA to locate the right tech.
  12. I write to ask your collective wisdom about this rusty, dusty Gibson Falcon Amp that I literally tripped over in a thrift store near my house in New York. I've never owned one or even played one. I pulled it out, plugged it in (old brown two prong power cord). Red light. Plugged in a Squire from the corner and it operates, and I strike a deal with the guy. From what I can dig up, it was made in 1961, and they only shipped 204 of them. It's rated at 14 watts, and the speaker is a 12" Jensen that appears to be original. It's got the foot pedal, which works. I just vacuumed it inside and ou
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