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  1. Mike, Is your job to hype up the Dark Fire on the forum or do you really believe this guitar is that good? I mean c'mon man, I am looking at selling a Frampton Custom to get this thing. I play in a progressive rock band and I need guitars that can get a plethera of different tones. I love my R0s, they are my two #1 guitars. The Axcess of course has its place with the Floyd and coil tapping, but I want to ventrue into uncharted territory as I have been writing material for an ambient music label recently. Will this thing keep its value over the years? Will we be able to upgrade it? Or will it just become moth-ball fleet after a few years and the newest and greatest thing comes along? How is the guitar just by itself? Could it be turned into a nice Les Paul if the technology stopped supporting it?
  2. Now you all suck!! I just got off the phone with a dealer that I have dealt with for years and he tells me, I get first pick because he just got confirmed on his order. I was seriously thinking of selling my Frampton Custom to fund this guitar ( I have three other Les Pauls, 2 R0s and an Axcess) Both the R0s and the Axcess get played regularly. The Frampton as cool as that guitar is, just not not get played as much. I think the way the frets and necks are on the Standards just fit me better. So, I gravitate more to the standard type necks. Does anyone know what kind of neck profile will be on the Dark Fire??? If it is the rounded neck like on the Axcess, I can live with that although I prefer 60s necks. I think I just might sell that Frampton to get the Axcess. I think the Axcess will give me much more options and much more inspiration to write new material.
  3. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    I am glad they made it thinner whether this is like Alex's or not. The reason being is that my Axcess has a very unique tone. It can surely get that Les Paul tone, but when the coil tap is engaged, it sounds very much like a Strat or Telecaster and because of the tremelo cavity and springs, it really does sound like a Fender when the tap is engaged. I find it has tremendous versatility and I really am impressed that the CS really put some thought into this guitar. Playability, comfortableness, and tone considered, this is a very unique Les Paul. On another note, I contemplated putting covers on the pickups. But, I think exposed covers look good on this guitar as well. With the black headstock, and the black pieces of hardware on the Floyd Rose and (on my guitar) the dark rosewood fretboard, the exposed black coils fit in really nice. Plus, I have two 1960 Reissues, so I have that vintage look and sound covered very well. For me then, it allows the Axcess to sit in its own category. Now, the big question for me is possibly selling my Frampton Custom to fund the purchase of the Dark Fire. I have been recently writing some ambient guitar stuff and my friend has an ambient label who wants to release my material and the Dark Fire would do wonders in creating new and exciting music with the possibility of 500 different tunings and the computer software capabilities. I think the Dark Fire would offer way more tricks than the Frampton. I hope I am not making a bad decision.
  4. Wondo

    Dark Fire??

    I think this is a pretty cool guitar since I am into writing some ambient guitar stuff now. However, how is this guitar any different than any other guitar with a piezo other than the tuning capabilities? It says it has digital capabilities, but I must be missing something. If you had something like Line 6 GuitarPort, what would the Dark Fire do with Guitar Rig that would be any different than any other guitar?
  5. Canon, Very glad to hear the Lifeson is playing better now. It is worth it to have a tech work on a guitar after you get it. Gibsons are never set up the way I like them when I get them. My luthier has a way of getting disgustingly low action with minimal buzz on all my guitars and for that alone is worth it.
  6. I know its not worth arguing over, but I had pointed out in some earlier threads that Alex gets these names confused sometimes. He never did not replace the original bridge with a Schaller as far as I know. It was a Kahler tremelo system that he put on there. There was a terrific little video on Youtube that is no longer there where he does a quick interview during the R30 tour where he announces Gibson making his 355 signature model. He also talks about the prototype to the Axcess and says that he had Kahelers put on them. He had to be corrected by the interviewer who pointed out that they were Floyd Rose. The article is correct in everything he is saying about the 355 except the Schaller. On his 355 he had a Kahler put on it and then had Freddy Gabrsek restore it to the 355 we know and love.
  7. I can't give you any exact measurements as I am not at home with the guitar right now. But, I will say that the neck feels like my R0. It seems a bit like a regular Custom neck at the first five frets but perhaps just a tad thinner but then gets thin like an R0 in the upper frets. I would say over all that the neck is not quite as thin as a Classic. I find the neck extremely comfortable. Hope that helps.
  8. I am glad it is working for you. I took mine to my luthier as soon as I got it. But, I do that with all my guitars. It stays in tune very well. By the way, Alex did not put a Schaller on his 355. He put a Kahler on it, that is why it had to be restored.
  9. I own a Frampton Signature Custom. Fantastic guitar. I have never seen one in white and actually asked the CS to make me one in white and they refused to do it. However, I have seen Chinese knock offs in white on ebay that claim to be a Frampton signature model. Beware.
  10. Try lowering the pickups a bit. For some reason, these came from the factory with the pickups pretty high and if you lowered your action any since getting it you may also need to lower your pickups. When they are too close to the strings, they tend to pull the strings a bit sharp or flat. I had this problem and lowered the pickups and it is fine now. But, still use the graphite on nut and saddles.
  11. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Sounds very good. I have two Les Paul Reissues, and the Axcess believe it or not has very similar tone, and on top of that you have the coil switch which can get the Axcess to sound like a Telecaster or a Stratocaster. Very versitle guitar.
  12. Since I don't think the original Alex Lifeson In Action thread is coming back, I will re-post my version of La Villa Strangiato I posted back in July.
  13. I will post a picture of a 1990s article on Alex's 355 when I get home. Alex states in this article that this guitar used to go out of tune even if he looked at it. It is typical of the Maestro. That being said, if you put pencil graphite in the nut slots and either Nut sauce or Graphit-All in the Bridge saddle slots that will help a bit. But, you will not be able to use the Vibrola much more than subtle vibrato. If you use it sparingly, it does work very well. However, I would agree with Staxman, in that the place I would use that is in the studio, not live. If I have to use tremelo I will use one of my (now 2) guitars equipped with a Floyd. I play Wicked Game by Chris Isaak and there is subtle tremelo throughout the song, however that first bend on the B string would make a Maestro go out, but not a Floyd. That is just the nature of the beast. Best advice (as said earlier) tuck it behind the tailpiece and forget about it. Does that seem like a waste of a tremelo system? Maybe, but many owners of the ES355 TDSV swear that the whole tailpiece assembly adds to its unique tone. So, it does serve a purpose.
  14. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Well, I got my Axcess over the weekend. I got it at GC. I swore I would never buy there, but the guitar looked good, felt good and sounds fantastic. So, I was able to negotiate a pretty decent price and walked away with it. I just got it back from my luthier last night and he had set the action a bit lower than Gibson, but not quite low enough, so I just lowered the two rocker screws and now it is perfect. Since he did all the other more detailed work, me just lowering the Floyd a bit did the trick. Here are some observations: I generally gravitate toward the 60's necks and found this neck to be a bit chunkier, but not by much. At first, the neck felt a bit strange and I was trying to figure out what it was. Well first, Gibson generally puts too much relief in their necks so they need to be straightened. After straightening it, it still felt strange. Then I lowered the action. Felt better, but still strange. Here is what I noticed. From the first fret to the twelfth fret, the width of the fretboard is about the same as my three other Les Pauls, but when you start to go from 12-22 frets, the width stays about the same on the Axcess whereas on my other Les Pauls, the fretboard starts to get thinner from the 12th -22nd fret. Once I discovered that, it was a bit easier to adjust my playing. In one sense, having the fretboard stay wide on those frets makes it a bit easier to get around. My fingers don't bunch up as much, but at the same time it is a wider playing area that your hand may need to get used to. And, on a traditional Les Paul this is right where the fretboard usually would get thinner but at the same time you would hit the heel of the neck as it goes into the body. But, on the Axcess, this is where the cut out begins and the neck is a bit thicker there in order for it to join the body but thinner than a traditonal Les Paul (no heel) so you can easily access the upper frets. So, is it a bad thing? Not at all, it is actually quite a nice design, but may take a bit of getting used to, but in a good way. Also, I am used to palm muting on my stop-tail Les Pauls and palm muting on my Ibanez with a Floyd Rose, but because of where the Floyd is on the Les Paul as compared to the Ibanez, I find that I am having to adjust my playing a bit in this department as well. But, it can be done and I think little subtle challenges like these will just make me a better player. Hell, I can play a Lifeson with a volute just fine now so an Axcess is not a big deal to get used to. The only other issue to point out, is that my luthier told me that the shims used under the nut were not the best idea. He says that they used small shims and not shims that go the entire length of the nut. Because there is a cut out under the nut where the trussrod cavity begins, there are shims on either side of the cavity leaving a space under the D and G strings. He says this will rob tone when these strings are played in the open position and eventually the nut could start to bend there. He did not have full sized shims, but ordered some and will do a quick install when they come in. So, any of you planning a set up for this guitar should look into getting the full sized shims for underneath the nut. Other than that, he said the guitar was very well made. In fact he said he has never seen such excellent work in routing out the area for the Floyd on the top and in the spring cavity area. He should know, he had put Floyd Roses on several of Neal Schon's Les Pauls. The sound on this guitar is really nice. It has that Les Paul tone. I do not find it too bright. It may be a tad less punchy than my 9.5 pound 60 Reissue, but certainly holds its own and the coil tap is sweet. Lokks great although I noticed most of the Iced Teas I have seen have a bit of a Bar-b-Q top, but over all not bad looking.
  15. It did not disappear. Look back in threads for the past two months and go to page 2. There it sits. Here is the original thread starting with my clip of La Villa Strangiato Alex Lifeson 355 In Action Admin, after agreeng to lock the other two threads that were getting nowhere, we all agreed to continue positive discussions about the AL on the original In Action thread. Is there anyway to merge these threads...since people are referring to the original in this thread.
  16. Stax, Friggin' awesome dude! Good show. I like how you really put some feeling into it and blended in many of the different ways Alex has played that solo over the years and then made it your own. I too was in a Rush cover band for years called Anthem. I wanted to play the song with my bass player and drummer as you did, but I was in a rush to get the clip up to support the guitar back in the thick of the complaints, plus I wanted the youtube clip to surprise them, since they had not seen the guitar yet. Let's keep this thread going. I have been wanting to get some other clips up, but my band just finished our second CD. It should be up soon on the RareForm myspace page. Anyway, good job Staxman and good way to bring this thread back into existence. By the way I just got my Axcess. I ended up buying it at GC. I swore I would never buy from there, but they had one in stock, it plays and looks good, and I was able to negotiate a good deal. It is at my luthier now getting a set up as I do with all my new guitars. I get it back tomorrow.
  17. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Here is the Fire Tiger finish. Thanks Admin.
  18. Wondo

    Les Paul Axcess

    Yes, pictures please. I would most definately be interested in the Fire Tiger. I'd like to see it.
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