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  1. Thanks for the reply. One of my favourite singer songwriters - Jamey Johnson. I will look into those. Thanks.
  2. Wondering if anyone could recommend me a good leather strap for the epiphone ej200sce. Will I have to get those Schaller strap locks used on electrics as well? I noticed one of my favourite epi ej200 wears his guitar low and guitar body mostly to his side. Might be a comfortable place for me as well.
  3. I will be sending a few pics on individual posts. :)
  4. So i got the replacement guitar the same day I took the one with the faulty Esonic2. No issues there. Another gorgeous looking natural finish guitar. Took it in today for the free tune-up service and got Gibson 012's and the action lowered a bit. Not much but man theres a diference already. Smoother on my fingers. Guess after a while I will start learning more about any other changes i might or might not get done to this guitar. And since i was there I got myself a case for it. Thank you all for your input and I will stay in touch.
  5. Thanks guys, I called the store i bought it from and they said it has to be something wrong with the Esonic2 system. They've had a few exchanges due to issues with it. They have ordered me a new replacement guitar that i will be picking up in a couple days. I will then have it set up with some 011's and lower the action (if the new one comes the same way as the first one) since i had a week of play and feel. Any suggestions on what brand and type of strings i should get?
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a brand new Epiphone EJ200SCE in Natural Finish. Love the look, love the sound I heard but I'm wondering if i could get your input on a few issues (or maybe they're not). 1 - In a week of having this guitar i already replaced the batteries twice. I only turn on and off the tuner when i first pick it up and i plugged it to an amp once for about 30 minutes. Never left it on. The low battery light is on. Is that normal? 2 - The action seems to be high. More noticeable from the 9th fret down. Should I take it in and have the action lowered? I have a free service from the store i purchased it from. 3 - Since I'm a beginner/intermediate I'm still having problems with bar chords (F's and B's mostly) and I find the 0.12"s it comes with are very thick and hard to press down without creating buzzing. Can I get away with replacing them with 11's or even 10's? I thank you in advance for your help. Fern
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