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  1. Just a brief update. I tried both models and in the end decided to go for a Satin 335 DOT. I was concerned about the tonal shaping abilities of the Studio, but more importantly I loved the look and feel of the DOT. Besides, there is something about those 57's which speak to me :) Thanks for the feedback everyone, it was really appreciated!
  2. As it turns out, this one is a ES-339, not a 335 so this mystery is solved.
  3. Hi everyone, I am considering an online purchase of a Gibson ES-335 from an online retailer. I've tried to identify the guitar myself but thus far have come up empty handed. The things that stand out for me are the gold hardware, striped binding, the tortoise pick guard and the diamond logo on the head stock. I've gone through the Gibson 2014 catalog and cannot find anything like it. Apparently it was made in 2014 (still awaiting serial number to cross-check), but if anyone could shed some light it would be a great help.
  4. Hi everyone, I've searched high and low for reviews comparing the ES-335 Studio and ES-335 DOT. So far I am coming up empty-handed so I've decided to turn to the members site and see if anyone has both and can offer some experienced feedback on both guitars. I understand there are 2 separate vol/tone knobs on the DOT as compared to one of each on the Studio, and I further understand the visual difference with the finishing touches (bindings, et al). What I am trying to determine is if there are any tangible differences in playability or tone. Unfortunately I've gone through 4 different guitar stores in my area (Houston) and am as yet unable to make a side by side comparison. Any feedback would be appreciated :)
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