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  1. thanks for that. Can put this to rest now.
  2. So it seems to happen quite frequently - any views on whether this affects sustain / resonance ? Anyone done any experimenting before/after adjusting tailpiece ? Understand adjustments limited to bridge touching strings, and as strings are near bridge pups, might only be able to screw tail in for half to 1 mm max. Does this change tunings or only tension ? If only tension/action, mounting 9's instead of 10's might balance this out, while improving resonance ? Or is the whole resonance grail a myth ? Cheers !
  3. Bought this 2015 R8 LP. Noticed that tailpiece is not fully screwed into body, but wood has been imprinted fully imprinted - like it was fully screwed down to compress wood but unscrewed again - didn't notice this in shop. So metal base is about 5mm raised above body. See photo's attached. Is this a problem ? Guitar does vibrate fairly well - more than some other more expensive ones. Did the B string test (while guitar hangs on wall, pluck B and look for vibrations near jack end), and also resting it horizontally on 2 hands like a tray, strumming strings with left hand, while feeling resonance at back of body with right hand - gave quite a lot there, and sustain seemed OK as well. So initially seemed like a good one. However, my R6 has tailpiece fully screwed in to the metal base. Is this a problem - i can still take it back to shop. Thanks
  4. Take the R6-P90 to local shop ? or did you mean the R8 ? Found similar idea on YouTube (where they use a overdrive/pre-amp pedal to obtain the Woman Tone / Howl). So based upon your suggestion, done some more tests - Ran Both R6-P90 and R8-CustBucker (CB), (Treble/Bridge PU, Vol10, Tone 0) through Boss LS2 Lineselector, Mad Prof Sweet Honey into Fender Blues Deluxe Ch 1 (high sensitive), Volume 3 and compared both. (Tones were bit deafening though) Can get the R6-P90 to "howl/cry/feedback" a bit on most of the D string positions, short sustain/FB ob D5 and D12. G9 loads of FB, whereas on B7 & B15, somewhat less on B12, lots on E5, bit less on E7 on the R8-CustBuckers : howls/infinite on D9, D12, D15 lots D5 ; less D7 howls/infinite on G7, G9 lots G ; less G5, G12 howls/infinite on B5, B9, B12 lots B15 ; less B7 howls/infinite on E5, E7 loads E12 ; less E9. E15 So although both sound very similar on tone range warmth and clarity (certainly on lower volumes), there is a somewhat higher output on the CustomBuckers (so it should be, just expected bigger difference), but seems on same amp and pedal settings, the R8-CB I can get to howl / feedback pretty much indefinite on several neck positions, where P90 sustains less long. I ran these tests on pretty much same playing position towards amp speaker, as turning guitars more/less into the sound filed also made PU's react differently. So, how does this compare to other LP's ? Can good LP's obtain the infinite feedback/ howl on every position ? Can I get more howl/Woman Tone out of BustBuckers ? or is it more to do with body/wood and resonance. thanks
  5. Great, Thanks for the advice - so if my CS8 has CustomBuckers Alnico III, what would be the effect of putting something else in ? Are these the most authentic , as both the CS8 and CS9 have these ? What is the difference with lets say BurstBuckers ? I like the warmt and still clarity of these CustomBuckers, but would like a bit more punchy difference with my P90's, or i might as well but a little Booster pedal on my P90 - a lot cheaper and more practical (but not so nice looking of course ;-) )
  6. Hi All, New here, Just acquired a new LP CS8 - BB color - with Alnico III Custom Buckers. I like the guitar and the tone, and body vibrated nicely, however, on coming home with it, I found that it it pretty identical in tone to my 2010 CS P90 Goldtop VOS '56 reissue. Only difference I seem to notice is the CS8 seems to have a little bit more sustain, and slightly more volume, so it distorts just a little bit quicker. However, nothing that a little volume raise on the P90 '56 couldn't achieve. Same clear highs and warm lows. Clearly my taste is consistent, however I was planning to look for a nice Humbucker to go with my P90 and Fender, and have 3 distinctive different tones/options. Is this normal, what options do I have, maybe shop will let me trade it for a different CS ? however , I have the impression that all LP CS 8 & 9 have same Alnico III's ? Anyone have similar experience ? regards JGW
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