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  1. Very difficult to prove its age from a few pics, its for sale in what amounts to a pawn shop over here in the UK, about a 4hr drive away, they're asking £1400. I'd say its in fair nick.. The description from the advert.. 1961 Gibson SG Special Original pickups swapped out for 1970s Gibson Pickups Headstock Has Been Repaired - Barely visible (can see from photos) Guitar Has Been Refinished Bridge and tuners have been replaced Plays very well - Great Sound! Comes with a hard case.
  2. Afternoon All I wonder if any of you guys might have an opinion on the value of a 61 SG Special, have seen one going for a very good price, its had a heasdstock repair, new tuners, a refinish and 70s humbuckers fitted at some point but looks clean enough. Of course it might turn out to be a fake when viewing in person but looks original from the pics....
  3. Good idea, I've got a few rolls of that after re-plumbing the bathroom.
  4. Hi all.. Has anyone come across this rather irritating problem with a 2015 Les Paul Standard, the control knobs are all wobbly on the shaft, nothing wrong with the pots, its as if the hole in the knob is a little too big, this is from new. Its so bad it'simpossible to use the pull pots. I know its possible to widen the split on the pot shaft but its all to easy to go too far and snap the pot, and I don't see why I should have to do this on a new guitar. Or is this a warranty job? Thanks all..
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