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  1. Hi guys I just wanted to share this photo of my LP at its second ever gig, last Saturday: the spotlight effect is quite cool though, when they switched it on, the lighting actually made it difficult to see my effects pedals at one angle or the guitar's neck from another angle! Still, it brings out the beauty of the guitar.... Cheers David
  2. Thanks again... engineer: I've only had the guitar for a couple of weeks, so I'll follow your advice and wait before taking any action...and as Kuma says, not so important (though I do slip in the odd practice unplugged).
  3. Thanks for your comments, guys... It's not really a big issue (though I had shelled out a lot of cash, so was a little annoyed to have the buzzing). Certainly not heard when plugged in, and had no effect at last Saturday's gig... I must say, owning a Les Paul is a bit of an experience for me: I'm not someone who usually polishes his shoes or cleans his car regularly, but I did find myself polishing the LP post-gig on Sunday with the little cloth they gave. My wife thought it was hilarious!
  4. What is it about the 2015 LPs that people don't like? They seem to rather infamous!
  5. I should stress that I can't tell if the buzz is the strings themselves or elsewhere. I just notice the sound when playing notes on those 2 strings.
  6. Dear all. My new 2016 LP Standard sounded great at its first gig outing on Saturday evening. However, I have noticed when I play it unplugged that I get some buzzing on the E and B strings (usually higher up the neck), most noticeably when I play single notes (say eighth fret and higher). Any ideas what this might be, and is it something that can be fixed... Thanks David
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