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  1. I haven't tried a 2014 Studio, but I can vouch for the 2016 Faded Studio T (I am currently saving for one myself!). They are, quite simply, beautiful guitars and I found that Thomann are selling them even cheaper (if you live in the EU, so shipping doesn't cripple you that is) here: Thomann 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded T One thing a load of people seem to miss with the satin finish is that they also have a satin neck which makes them mush smoother to play and your hands don't stick when they get a bit sweaty. The most important thing, however, is how does it sound, well I can say it sounds excellent. The Burstbucker Pros are really not afraid of belting out some noise! The chap in the guitar store couldn't quite wrap his head around the fact that you were getting all this guitar for £650, and he is ther Gibson guy!
  2. I managed to get to play the Studio and it was fantastic. I could believe just how loud the pickup are on it. So I am now saving in earnest (I hope he doesn't mind being a piggy bank!). I didn't get to try out the Standard, however. The guy in the guitar shop was a bit of a ****, giving off an air of superiority and looking down his nose at anyone who he doesn't deem as worthy. Luckily everyone else in the store are great, but people like him should really be beaten around the head with a Marshall Stack!
  3. Alas I haven't yet, I hope to this Saturday, but we'll see how it goes. I did a little comparison on the Standard and Studio checking their pages against each other and it appears as though the bits required to bring the Studio up to the same spec as the standard would set you back £500 (including hardcase). This brings it in at a grand under the price of the standard. Now I know there isn't the binding and the flashy flame top, but if buying a Standard I'd probably go for an Ebony one anyway. The proce does include a bottle of Virtuoso Cleaner and a Bottle of Polish as well, just for the shine!
  4. Thanks for your input so far it is good to know that I'm not being a complete numpty in being a tad confused by this! As I am very new to the guitar scene there are certain things I don't know, but in further invstigation it looks like the Standard (with the Alnico 5 magnets) has coil splitting push pots, but the Studio (with the Alnico V) doesn't. Can you coil split any humbucker, or do they have to be specifically designed to allow you to do so?
  5. Don't forget the Muted Gloss, High Shine Matte and Polished Satin looks as well.
  6. Hi guys Can anyone tell me, what is the difference between the Alnico 5 magnets used in the 2016 Les Paul Standard and the Alnico V magnets used in the 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded? Or is it just someone not being consistant in the naming conventions? Thanks
  7. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I have read very good things about shielding paint (ebay has a shed load of listings for it). You just paint this stuff inside all the cavities and the buzz is supposed to go away. Could be worth a shot.
  8. I know this is an old post but I have just bought my first Epiphone (Les Paul Traditional Pro) and I thought I'd have a look around. I have to add one of my heroes to the list, Andy Scott from Sweet doing the song Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcQDi6u28VQ I think it should also be pointed out that Les Paul himself used an Epiphone!
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