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  1. im able to open the vst alright and it reads my cmd controllers but i cant turn them on or off. normally i can on the standalone but its only in ableton i cant click them on
  2. I've renamed most of the tracks, but in DD2, it reverts most of them back to the original name - some are chagned but most are not.
  3. ideally i would like to run Ableton alongside DD2 and DJ with DD2, but also launch samples and have the ability to trigger sequenced clips in Ableton. Even being able to transition between the two with a synced midi clock. Also i dont know if this is another issue, the Behringer controls are not listed in the Ableton drop downs, perhaps this is something that is being built on?
  4. I need some help setting up the controllers to use the Decadance VST in ABleton, I've set them in Abletons preferences but I cant set the inputs on in the Decadance VST
  5. oh fantastic, i didn't realize that when i clicked 'standard' on cakewalk it was going to give me the dvs version! haha i was requesting 'standard' the whole time. thanks, i'm having a lot of fun with the software, it's got all the essential functions. Does the DVS version come as a VST for Ableton? i'd like to use them simultaneously if possible.
  6. nope, i downloaded that and bought the version on cakewalk this is what shows up when i try to enter the request for standard edition : "An authorization response file could not be generated, if this error persists please contact Technical Support." not sure what to do, i've uninstalled so many times and followed the cakewalk instructions but i am still getting met with that same error message.
  7. so i gave deckadance OEM a try and I think im ready to buy the Standard version, is there anyway I can redeem a discount on the upgrade?
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