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  1. All, just reporting back with good news -- after hunting around for quite a while, i spoke with a luthier on 14th street who was recommended by Gibson. he listened to what i had to say and volunteered that there was a good chance the guitar required neither a re-set nor a re-bracing -- he said he believed the guitar just needed to be rehumidified for a fraction of the cost. long story short, i visited him, and he verified: no need for neck re-set or any other intensive work. he said he merely has to re-humidify the guitar and run a set-up. he is additionally going to create a new sad
  2. just reporting back -- i visited an in-house luthier and after a long convo he recommended trying a combination of truss rod less relief and gently sand down saddle. i did that and saw some helpful results. it made a positive difference in the action. my current situation is that i could actually continue truss rod adjustment to less relief because the E, B, G, D and E strings could take more. the problem is the A -- specifically, the open A begins to buzz after a certain point, so i have to stop truss rod adjustments there. i have confirmed that the A only buzzes on open s
  3. one add'l question, as i'm trying to resolve this myself with spending too much $$$ -- i would like to try and adjust the truss rod myself. however, i'm seeing conflicting reports --- some adjust the next with an allen key up in the headstock; others do it with a nut wrench through the soundhole. do you know which i would use for this guitar? i see a cover on the headstock that i'm guessing covers an allen wrench option. if there is a soundhole nut -- do i have to adjust both at the same time? hold one still while i adjust the other? adjust one and not the other? any adv
  4. sincerest thanks alias and hogeye! i will look into the saddle approach -- the action is indeed SO high that may be the only approach short of neck reset. i am in new york metro so there are authorized repair folks nearby. much respect to you all for your generosity and wisdom!
  5. also, just wanted to add this pic to give an idea of the action problems i'm having -- this is looking down as straight across the strings as i could manage, showing the amount i have to press the low E to fret a note...
  6. thank you to everyone! j45nick, i generally use 12's or 13's for strings. duluthdan, i am the original owner -- but i bought it 20 years ago! do you think there is still warranty coverage? that would be amazing. j-200 koa, i will definitely seek another opinion -- tomorrow i am going to bring the instrument in and ask the folks at guitar center what they think. gents, in general i am seeing quite a few websites from the good guitar magazines that explain how to carefully adjust neck bow. i'd have to make sure the fretboard lines up correctly with the saddle, then adjust. so
  7. Hi -- I'm wondering if forum members have any advice for me regarding a situation with my Gibson acoustic. I have a 1991 SJ-45 -- it does not have a "banner" headstock like many i have seen online, but it does have the pearl inlay fingerboard: part of the problem is, i can't really tell what specific model this is! i see lots of entries for "sj-45" reissue 1991 and 1992, but they all talk about having the "banner" headstock and i don't have that. my situation is this -- i recently took the guitar to sam ash to consider trading it in or possibly just selling outright, and was
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