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  1. OK, the Steam version was only for Windows, so I canceled and get refunded. I had old OEM-license, which is registered now on my Mac. That's solved. But Korg Kaoss DJ is not working with Deckadance, have tested 2.5, 2.72 and 2.73, MIDI learn not functioning. I tested with other MIDI device (Akai Element), and it works without problems, but I can't use it in the gig. Any tips what to do with Korg controller ?
  2. Hi, I just bought Deckadance from Steam, but can't get it, I have downloaded Demo version, but am not able to register it any way, not inside Deckandance or Steam. I get this info from Steam library: Application Info Deckadance 2 is not availble on your current platform. I am running Macbook Air 2011, OS X 10.10, Deckadance 2.72 Demo runs perfectly here, Please help, I have gig soon, and I need this software as soon as possible, I need to map a controller it and have only few days time. Thanks !!
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