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  1. I may be missing something obvious here but is there a way to user Deckadance as a vst and still be able to cue up tracks via headphones. I am using it within Ableton Live and it works like a dream syncing up to Live. However I cannot seem to find any way of cueing up a deck in headphones without it also coming out the speakers. I am using the Roland Aira MX1 as my main audio interface. The audio from Deckadance is going out to the master channel from its midi track but there are no audio routing options beyond that to be able to send say Deck B to headphones whilst Deck a is playing etc. Anyone got any ideas if this is possible? Hope this makes sense!
  2. Yep that was the problem. All working now. Thanks again
  3. Just tried it as a vst within Ableton Live and the problem still exists when using Deckadance like that. Its fine in stans alone mode but not as a vst in my DAW.Any ther ideas why this is the case? Thanks
  4. Seems to be working fine now. THanks ever so much for your help
  5. Thanks for that. Will try it out shortly and see if it fixes the problem
  6. Great. Hopefully that will solve the problem. Thanks
  7. Hi. Just got the Behringer CMD Studio 4a and upgraded to the standard version of Deckadance. Love the software..particularly the ability to use it as a vst withim Ableton Live. I am having issues with the left deck on the Behringer controller. The scratch function does not seem to work and it will only let me set 1 hot cue whereas everything seems to be working fine on the right deck. I know it is not a hardware issue as I have tested it with Virtual DJ and it works fine setting hot cues and scratching etc. I am using windows 10 64 bit. Anyone got any ideas?
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