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  1. I promised earlier that I post my own song on my next release, however I decided to post this song before I do that. This is my all time favorite movie soundtrack when I need to get my vibes to 100% So hope you guys like this version that I did today! Thanks, Niko
  2. Hello! Thanks for clearing that part out. Yes, I have my own music also and I can share it here of course. Having said that the next clip I´ll post here will be my own song 🙂 Glad to hear that you are interested and no way that I am offended by your comment but on the contrary I appreciate that you listen to my music and take time to comment and share thoughts about my music. I appreciate it a lot! So G Mac thanks a lot on my behalf! Best regards, Niko
  3. Hello and thank you for the feedback! Can you confirm yet what you meant on your previous message when you wrote "original music"? I have some own writings and recordings. Also have many covers that I´ve been recording. I guess you didn´t mean in connection with that however I supposed? I am a one man band, meaning I record every instruments by myself and lastly I do vocals, mixing and mastering. Thanks, Niko
  4. Hello everybody, Did this song today. Hope you guys like it!
  5. Did this song and cover all by myself. Hope you guys like. Give me some feedback if you will! Thanks, Niko
  6. Another song that I did while a go: https://soundcloud.com/nikomaaninka/kansas-dust-in-the-wind-cover
  7. I am little depressed at the moment but don´t we all are at some point of our lives? So I did this cover.. Hope you guys like it!
  8. Here you go, check it out: Thanks! -Niko
  9. Here´s the link: https://soundcloud.com/nikomaaninka/day-is-done Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys a lot, I really appreciate your both feedback
  11. Here is a link: https://soundcloud.com/nikomaaninka/coldplay-the-scientist-cover Thanks! -Niko
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