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  1. im not a lefty but i really like v's and think it is a good idea
  2. I have an epiphone G-400 with grovers so i imagine they would work on a sg special
  3. I have a G-400 with bigsby whammy and play rock, metal, and classic rock. I have a fender ten-watt amp. What would be a good second amp?
  4. who here has played the kramer striker with the floyd rose? how did it play? Is the locking system hard to tune and restring?
  5. I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half and I'm looking into buying a new guitar and/or amp. I currently have an epiphone G-400 with bigsby and a fender ten-watt amp. I play hard rock, classic rock, and metal. Should I get the gibson Joan Jett melody maker with a marshall microstack, the epiphone marcus henderson apparition with a marshall microstack, or just the marshall? P.S. I'm only thirteen so i'm on a very tight budget.
  6. Randy Rhoads is the former guitarist from ozzy osbourne (the band) that died in a plane crash in 1982 RIP randy
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