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  1. I like that a lot. Great score. I particularly love the figuring in the top. Grats.
  2. So, here's what I did and it made a profound difference. First, I never wanted it to sound like a telecaster, but it was pretty muddy. With the existing pickup rings (these were 3/8" at the neck and even deeper at the bridge, I could only get a certain amount of distance from the strings (adjusting pickup height) without having to raise the action. I didn't want to do that. I like the action where it is. So, I bought pickup rings for a Les Paul (1/8" at the neck and 3/8" at the bridge,) installed them, and moved the pickups. It made a great deal of difference. The tone is brighter, more articulate, and even when I crank it up or use an overdrive, it doesn't get muddy anymore. Current strings are 9-42 boomers - I prefer 10-46 and may switch to that later. The 42 set was what I had at the workbench.
  3. B7 - is that a tailpiece of some sort? Nevermind. I was able to find the Bigsby B7. Thank you.
  4. I hadn't considered an EQ pedal. That may be my ticket right there - both the Mesa and MXR act as a gain boost to begin with. Might be able to drop the DS-1, etc. Thanks very much! I did adjust pole screws. Thank you. And I'll look into the strings.
  5. I'm not fond of stainless strings for that very reason, but I'll try the Optiweb strings for certain. Thank you!
  6. A couple months ago, I picked up a 2002 Gibson ES-135 with what should be '57 Classic humbuckers. I like this guitar quite a lot but I can't seem to dial out the dark tone of it. It doesn't seem muddy or indistinct, but I'd like to brighten it some. Details: Amp: Supro 1970 RK Overdrive: Boss SD1, Boss Blues Driver, or none I've changed strings 3 times - currently, I have 9-42 GHS Boomers. I've tried 11-49 D'Addario, 10-46 D'Addario, 9-46 NYXL. Tone pots just seem to make it darker - but they work. I tried changing the pickup height with little joy. I'm not certain what value caps it should have or the type of pots. I'd thought about swapping the pickups for P-90 (in humbucker size) but that's obviously a tussle, so I'd like make that a last resort. I'm not getting rid of the guitar (wanted one forever) so I need to solve this. I play mostly rock and blues. Thanks for your help.
  7. My Standard Limted Run 24 came with cream binding (it's new but built in 2014.) I suspect as it ages, it'll be the yellowish tint you're describing.
  8. Disregard, please. I didn't pull the trigger on this guitar. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Gypsy - Yeah, it's the same model as yours. I'm very happy with it. I wasn't sure I'd like the Firebird but I absolutely do.
  10. Thank you Pesh - Yeah, I will probably take a look at that next time I re-string. I'm not going to worry too much about it now. As long as it's not causing any kind of damage and doesn't effect the tone, I'm good.
  11. Thank you Larry - It's actually not a huge concern for me, since I think the guitar sounds amazing - so your advice to wait on solving this is well taken. The pickups are mounted in the pickguard - it's one of the larger '65 style pickguards. The picture I actually did post shows the pickguard.
  12. When I push on the pickup to level it out, it does move, but returns to the same position immediately. The pickup screws do adjust the height. And thank you!
  13. Hi folks - I'm new here and new to the SG Standard, so if this seems like a newb question... well... Last night, I received my new Gibson SG Standard - Limited Run 24 Fret. I pulled the plastic covers, oiled/cleaned the fretboard, lowered the action a bit, and put a new set of strings on it. One of the things I noticed right away is that the bridge pickup is set at an odd angle. It's neither level with the pickguard nor the strings. It is angled toward the bridge, meaning that the side of the pickup furthest from the bridge is set higher than the side closest. Is this normal? I've read that some SG's are set so that the pickup is level with the pickguard, but saw nothing about this. This guitar is just incredible - it sounds and looks like nothing else I have. If you guys tell me this is the usual angle for this pickup, I'm good with it. I just need to know. If necessary, I can post pic of the angle this afternoon when I get home. All I have on me is a picture I snapped when I unboxed. Thanks - Bacon.
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