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  1. Oh no! What happened to it? Are you interested in selling it?


  2. I have a 2016 J45 that's destroyed (the body) but the neck is fine. I'm looking for a late model J45 that needs a new neck.

  3. Here is a picture... I know the spacing between the pin hones and the saddle slot is smaller with the plastic than the wooden one shown. The wooden bridge did not fit the original holes and spacing
  4. Hello all, I am in the process of replacing the plastic bridge on my 1964 Gibson Lg1. My Luthier ordered a rosewood bridge from ALL-PARTS but it was not the right dimensions to cover the old holes/marks on the top of the guitar. Do any of you know if a pre-made rosewood bridge has the right dimensions for replacing a 60's LG Guitar? Thank you so much - I would like to have my luthier not have to make one from scratch (Even though it would be really nice) Have any of you had this done and know which bridge was used to replace the original plastic one? Thanks!!
  5. Oh nice! How thick is that block on the inside where the end pin is? I am curious to know how long of a drill bit I would need. I am fairly comfortable with a drill...
  6. 1983 to 1985.... just kidding :) Haha I used the word "Old" to describe the "Original" pickguard on the 1964 Lg1 in reference to a possible "new" one I might put on it. So a "new" custom one I was considering new and the original would be the "old" one... I didn't really mean that the guitar was "Old" by vintage standards. I'm not sure what I would consider an old guitar to be.... Probably Pre- WW2 or possibly turn of the century.
  7. Would love to try and install a k and k mini pure pickup in my 1964 Gibson lg1 myself ... How can I do this the best way? I want to try myself and not have my luthier do it. Drilling the hole is the biggest concern for me. When I look in The back of the guitar on the inside I see a wooden casing where the hole would be drilled for the input jack.... Is this normal? Anyone do this to there vintage Gibson? Thanks!!
  8. Thanks! How would maple improve it? Is spruce not good for bridge plate? It's a spruce top, right ?
  9. What does LMI stand for? Sorry haha. Thanks!
  10. Thank you ! One question... Sorry but what's LMI? And I think it may have a spruce bridge plate .... What would maple bridge plate do to improve the guitar? Just curious I'm open to anything ! Thanks guys :)
  11. Lefty split for "Ohio" .... Great song! Yes fan of Townes van Zandt!
  12. Also, I would be curious to see some pictures of your lg1! :) Does yours have the plastic bridge, too?
  13. Hi AnneS, Yes it still has the plastic bridge... but with a crack in it and it is pulling off a tiny bit. I plan on having a rosewood bridge put in soon! Do you currently have the pickguard still on your lg1? Were you satisfied with the color/material used?? THanks!
  14. Thank you! Yeah I have read about how it can affect the sound... The old ones were really thick so maybe I would try to find a new replica and not have it as thick. I have looked far and wide so far.... Does anyone have any luthiers or guitar repairmen they know that may have one laying around or I could call? Thanks!
  15. I just bought a Gibson 1964 lg1 but the pickguard is missing. This is my first Gibson vintage guitar and I was wondering if you guys know of what I should/could do to find a replacement replica pickguard for it? It's pretty scuffed up where the last pickguard was... All thoughts / help much appreciated!!! Thanks
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