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  1. Hi there! I bought a brand new Sunburst L4 Custom for my 65th birthday last July, and I could not be happier. I bought a set of Thomastik (spelling?) strings (very expensive) to top off this beauty. Months of happiness and joy. She sounds amazing acoustically and electrically, which is probably why I bought her. About a week ago I picked her up to play (acoustically) and I noticed a "buzz/rumble" coming from the bridge area when I played 5th or 7th fret bar chords. Ho Boy! Here we go. The buzz/rumble was not there when I plugged her in. Only without amplification did I hear this very painful and heartbreaking noise. I wrote to Gibson and they suggested I call a authorized service center. I did. I brought it in. Three super guitar guys that are 30 years+ experience each, were baffled. One of them said it was the strings - NOPE! I changed them (carefully saving the Thomasticks) and nothing changed. One of them said it was the tailpiece rattling with the ball ends - NOPE! I stuffed the entire assembly with foam sponge material and nothing changed except I lost some fidelity in the tone. The third guy said the noise was coming from the frets BEHIND where I was playing - NOPE! I had my wife dampen the strings on that side and nothing changed. Finally, I asked my wife to hold different areas of the guitar while I played. It seemed to lessen when she held her fingers on the bridge pickup cover. HHMMMMM! OK. Not wanting to void the warranty by taking it apart, I cut a piece of a thin mouse pad and stuffed it in different areas; the bridge, the pickguard, the tailpiece and then the pickups. When I slid the piece in between the bridge pickup and the pickup cover ring, THE BUZZ DISAPPEARED!I brought it back to the guys at the service center and they are working on it now. I know that I could have just lived with the piece of mouse pad in the guitar, BUT, if this is the one and only NEW Gibson of my life (I am 65) I'll be darned if I'm going to put a band aid on an $11,000 instrument. My wife thinks I'm silly, but the guys are going to fix it right and I'll be playing my perfect Angel once more in my man cave very soon. Someone should have tested this beauty a bit more before sending it out. Thought you all might like to benefit from my troubleshooting/solution in case this ever happens to you. Other Gibsons I own: 1977 ES 355 Walnut with Varitone removed and master volume installed 1934 Super 400 (my Dad's)- Black - Refinished from Sunburst by Gibson in 1967 1963 SG Custom - Black, with middle pickup removed and master volume installed. 1991 ES 335 - White, with 1962 guts (everything) picked and installed from a trashed 1962 ES335. Hope this helps Spread the LOVE! -Arti Funaro
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