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  1. Thanks, I'll try that (both things)
  2. Thank you for the answers! The log function is a great help, especially with values. So now I'll see what comes out of the controller in a more visible way. The jog wheel is a bit tricky, yes. But I'll check if the "jog stop moving" part will work. What is the syntax for global variables? Do they need any extra keyword? Or I just put them outside of the functions? I can't check the soundcard configuration right now, but as I remember the time or "soundwave" doesn't start moving. Could it still be the soundcard config? My occupation is not software development, but it's a hobby in various kinds. So I have great hope in the success of this task, of course with the great help I get here! I'll check the other scripts to see what I can learn from them. Thanks again!
  3. OK, so now I tried the Midi learning system. Most of the buttons worked as expected, but the jog wheel doesn't work very well. I checked what code it produces and I'm starting to understand what it does. But one of my problems is that the controller has three buttons to change the mode of the jog wheel. The three buttons are search, scratch and effect. If none of the buttons are active the jog wheel is in pitch mode. I tried to set "JOG_SCRATCH_ON_A", but it only works when I press the button. Probably as it is supposed to do from the programs point of view, if the jog wheel is touch sensitive or something like that. Mine is not. I guess I need some kind of variable that survives between the calls to the OnMidiMessageReceived-function. The way the jog wheel works right now is when the deck is paused it searches the track. When I push the "Scratch" button and the deck is playing it scratches. But it would be good if the scratch-button would be active until I press it again or one of the other buttons. Deck playing and no scratch button is pressed results in some kind of pitch or pitch-bend function. One other problem is the four "multi-function buttons" which can control Cue, loops or sample according to a mode button (which sends a midimessage for each mode). Here it would also be good to have a "sticky" variable. Then the buttons could send different midi-messages according to current mode. One other problem is the "Effect select" which in DD 1.7.? stepped around the effect list. I guess I could step through the three Effect_select_x_group_A and read the answer and then switch to the next, but a variable would be more simple. I tried the log-function to write text. But is it possible to write values? Now I can't test how the controller worked in 1.7.? because the song doesn't start playing for some strange reason. The program lights up the play-button (both on controller and program), but nothing happens. Volume controls and load buttons work. But that is the old version so I don't bother too much about that as long as I get this new version to work with my controller.
  4. Thank you, now I know what to do. This will probably take quite some time, but on the other hand I'll learn a lot.
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