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  1. A Gibson LP is the best gift ever! I'd snag an R8 for sure. You can pick one up brand new for about 3K... I think many will agree that R8's are the best bang for the buck. I have one and love it.
  2. eldiablo


    Congrats on the Custom. Everyone needs one
  3. I like Brazilian RW the best.
  4. I'm not a fan of the VOS Gunk. I polished it off my R8 ASAP. I do like the dulled hardware.
  5. If it's the regular Swiss Cheese Custom then it's the 490R/498T combo. There are other Custom models which have Burstbuckers... Call Gibson Customer Service with the Serial Number and they can confirm exactly what you are looking at. I'm horrible at describing tones... but to me the Burstbuckers have a more classic rock sound where the 498T/490R PUPs come across darker to me... Not better or worse but different. Some excellent discussions out there on the 498T/490R and Burstbuckers... I'd hit up the forums for some additional info. 498T/490R Burstbucker
  6. I have an '09... Other than being a limited color it's a regular Custom. Short Tenon 490R and 498T PUPs
  7. 21 bids and it's over $2K... Man there are some uninformed people out there ready to drop some serious coin with out knowing what the hell they are buying. Crazy people if you ask me. I reported it as well... 11 hours left in the auction. I bet the seller is stoked thinking his pay day is on the way. Hopefully there won't be a NGD on the boards with a "Limited Edition Custom"
  8. Congrats... Nice R8. Love mine... Enjoy
  9. I saw Metallica in '83 in a small club in Brooklyn NYC called L'amours... Wasp and Armored Saint opened up... They were just hitting the big time. Cliff was alive then. Pure Energy. Ahhh the good ol' days...
  10. Congrats... Sweet top!
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