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  1. In case anyone else needs it i was able to get the 2016 version of the manual from the Gibson support team. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzpwpE-UTqdmTkJxdGlaejdTLTVOUVlwZUZueGhKcUU1YVFN/view?usp=sharing
  2. 2016(i know it's not a 2015 :)) Standard HP in Heritage Cherry
  3. The "caps" from the 2015 model aren't there, so i'm not sure exactly how it work in terms of locking. I'm sure i could figure it out by doing it, but if there were instruction available it would put my mind at ease a bit :) Thanks, Ryan Pic1 PIc2
  4. Hey Everybody, I'm new around here but figured I would pop in to ask my question. I recent got my hands on a 2016 LP Standard HP and would love to re-string it with 10's but I can't seem to find a manual for the 2016 G-Force with the updated machine heads. Does anyone have experience re-stringing a 2016 G-Force or know where i can find a manual that isn't geared toward the 2015 line? Thanks, Ryan
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