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  1. Hi folks. I bought this Hummingbird in 1963 as a Christmas present to myself from a little shop in Kokomo, Indiana. I was 18 at the time. Anyone have any idea what strings Gibson was putting on these from the factory? It's a very clean guitar as I finger pick and rarely use a pick. It still has the plastic mock saddle over the adjustable ceramic saddle assembly. I have never contemplated changing it out as it is stable and has great sustain as is. I played some that had them changed out and opted to keep it as is. Haven't regretted that in all the years I have owned it.
  2. Thanks for your comments thus far I have to admit I love this (now) old guitar. I rarely use a pick, being partial to finger picking so it doesn't have any pick guard wear. Still plays easy and strings are close to fingerboard. I play it 2-3 times at various places, church, retirement homes and regular get-together with family who also play. In the late '60's had to pawn it twice to pay for college, but always got it back. I knew the strings that came on it were heavy...something like 12-56 it seems, but I thought they were too heavy and changed them out. It's a great vocalist guitar. I have slept too many times since then. I paid &250 for it, with case, and had to pay it off in $12 a month payments to a little music store in Kokomo, IN. They had a choice of two, this one and a natural top. I've never regretted this choice, though I wish I had bought them both. I really like the natural tops too. I was just poor. :)
  3. I have been a Gibson owner since 1963 when I bought my first Gibson Hummingbird. I was 18 and am now 72. I still have it and it has been played but pampered. I came hereto see if anyone could tell me what kind & size of strings would have been on my '63 Hummingbird. I know that was a lot of years ago and may not even be able to be determined. I just know they were bronze (color) strings.I assume they were Gibson strings (???). Anybody to give an educated opinion or guess? I currently use DR Phos/Bron 11-48 but it seemed the originals were heavier dia. I just don't need that heavy a string. Thanks> Morris~
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