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  1. this message is deleted
  2. https://hipshotproducts.com/collections/guitar-tuning-machines/products/classic-open-guitar-tuning-machines This is what I am getting but with a more classic button both for my J45 and my Bird
  3. Songsheet is great you should check it out.
  4. Songsheet is great, you should check it out.
  5. Thanks Tarr, unfortunately neither Stewmac nor philadelphialuthiertools seem to have the ones I want in their collection.
  6. Thanks billroy, I'll contact them and see what they can do.
  7. Hi all, I want to change the Grover tuners on both instruments to Gotoh 510's chrome with either the A07 or the A01 knob (see attached file). However almost everywhere I look they are offered only with the ergonomic knob S5 or L5. Do any of you good people know where I might get what I want, where they have a large choice or could at least order them. PS I live in Europe! Thanks, cheers, Bob.
  8. Thank you all for the useful info. Still talking things over with my luthier. Cheers, Bob.
  9. Thank for the helpful replies! I asked the same question on the AGF and if anyone is interested in the replies there, here is the URL: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=482533 Cheers, Bob.
  10. Hi all. I want to change the stock Grovers (1:14) on my two Gibsons to something more smooth and with a higher ratio (1:18 or better). I would strongly prefer a type which is just a drop-in, without need for drilling or anything. After checking what is available and doing a search on this forum I thought the Gotoh's 510 were the best choice. Is this indeed still the case or are there better alternatives? Thanks, cheers, Bob.
  11. So sorry, I don't. It really is just for live performances and it never gets recorded. But I can say that wherever we went there were always a few people that commented on the great sound of the setup. I can vouch for that as a few times it was used, not by us alone, but by several other performers and I was in the audience listening. Yes the setup does a great job.
  12. Neumann KMS105 for vocals ATM450 for the guitar through a Soundcraft Signature desk into an HK Elements setup.
  13. Tried several D18's, came home with a standard Hummingbird HCS 2017. Put Gibson J200 12-53 PB strings on it. Pure heaven.
  14. You will love it, I have exactly the same guitar and they really are great.
  15. Of course it is, see my sig, but now let me tell you about my most recent NGD, the Taylor K62ce 12 fret 12 string Limited Edition (only 50 made) ... ;)
  16. I agree with what Old Neil said, see my reply to your same question on the UMGF 😊
  17. Yes absolutely, and call me crazy, but I have actually enjoyed using it on a new set of Masterbilt 80/20 which had too much of a zing-sound to my liking. A few days Tonerite and gone is the zing. They sound loud and dark and thru to the guitar now, no extraneaous noises, just the way I like it. Maybe a new use for the Tonerite
  18. It was a 2016 brandnew SJ200 and I got to play it myself in a quiet room where I also played the J45 and the Bird I got. Maybe I will get to play another one sometime, we'll see. For the time being I am going to wait a bit and enjoy my 2 other wonderful Gibsons!
  19. Well, unfortunately that was a big disappointment. Was it a dud, I don't think so, it sounded ok just absolutely not to my liking, anaemic I would say, no personality. For the time being my HD28V is going nowhere.
  20. 😄 yes, if I should go for the SJ200 then the HD28V will have to give its place, we 'll see... 🎸
  21. Thanks fortyyearspickn, I am going to listen to a 2016 SJ200 some time in the next 14 days, and it is indeed maple!
  22. I love my new Gibsons (J45 2016 and Hummingbird HCS 2017) so much, and for the last month have played hardly any other guitar, that for the first time I am thinking that I might trade in my Martin HD28V for another Gibby (and that is saying a lot because the HD28V is a top model and mine is great). I have never heard a J200 live and was wondering if you good people could enlighten me somewhat. How does the J200 compare to a J45, a Hummingbird and an HD28V? I know, tall order, but any info is much appreciated. I am not saying I will go and make the trade immediately but I'd like to be informed as to whether it is worth it to start looking for a good J200, considering what I have now. I only use my guitars to write songs, compose and accompany singing. My playing style is a combination of strumming, arpeggio and fingerpicking depending on the song.
  23. On my J45 I prefer the sound of 80/20 Masterbuilt Gibson strings which have been on it for a while. I prefer the sound of the strings when the sparkly newness has subsided somewhat but the strings are still alive and not dead. Anyone else have the same feeling? I wonder if there exist strings which sound like that from day one rather than after say 14 days.
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