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  1. Wow, thanks! :) Yeah, it's expensive. I'm sure I could buy it cheaper in the states, but this one's here, it's well made, it sounds great. Will probably take it.
  2. Thanks, guys, you're great :) Yes, the guitar looks and sounds great. I don't have a reason to doubt its origin, was mostly trying to figure out the exact parameters to be able to tell whether the price is adequate (they sell it for $4500).
  3. Hi all, I discovered this piece in a local shop and wondering what it is. The serial number does not seem to follow the scheme for ES reissues. The shop tag claims it's a 1959 ES-175 Custom Shop Reissue. It only has one pickup. No number stamped on the head. It comes with a certificate: Serial number: A05457 Other "id" on the certificate: ES75VBNHI Hi-res photos: http://xhost.cz/~spunt/es-175/IMG_20160503_174642.jpg http://xhost.cz/~spunt/es-175/IMG_20160503_174655.jpg http://xhost.cz/~spunt/es-175/IMG_20160503_174707.jpg http://xhost.cz/~spunt/es-175/IMG_20160503_174714.jpg http://xhost.cz/~spunt/es-175/IMG_20160503_174741.jpg http://xhost.cz/~spunt/es-175/IMG_20160506_161751.jpg Thanks a lot everyone!
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