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  1. Hi, I'm nearly a "noob" now....... where are the actual stuff from 2010 ? Noone needs the old stuff from 2008 ! Peter
  2. Please can we have our Epiphone-Lounge back ! The topics in the Epiphone-section are old stuff from 2008 Where are the actual topics ? Can I have back my "Idendity" from the Epi-Forum ? actually I'm paruwi6172 from the Gibson-Forum Peter Edit: changed my screen name to "Paruwi"
  3. .........and add the one lost screw on the TRC:-" Nice Guit! Peter
  4. As a satisfied Epi-owner I'm sure I'm not like this guy
  5. There should be a Gibson in your avatar
  6. You should get another mail Than you can post Peter
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