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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

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    Kisses Rdnzl

  2. rdnzl

    Banner LG-2?

    She contacted me and thanked me, and said she is going to keep it. Good. Better that than one of the pawn shops around here snatching it up.
  3. rdnzl

    Banner LG-2?

    She sent me a message thanking me, and telling me that she is going to keep it. A good decision, I think. It's value will certainly not go down, and it's probably a delight to hear and play.
  4. rdnzl

    Banner LG-2?

    All I want is to find out what it's worth and have her either decide to keep it, or get what it's worth. I wish she was closer so I could go look at it. Maybe I'm a sap. I know there are many people who would have grabbed it at $250 and posted it for sale the next day for WAY more money. But I'm retired. I have enough guitars, and I'm fairly well off. No need to take advantage of anyone.
  5. rdnzl

    Banner LG-2?

    I don't want any more guitars at the moment. It's a local listing I saw yesterday. I asked the seller why so cheap, and she thought it was just some old guitar, and $250 would be a good starting point, and then she's settle for less. We have communicated back and forth since last night, and I told her to take it to a good luthier, get it checked out, and verified for what I am pretty sure it is. The serial number falls directly between numbers on the registry. I believe it is from 1943 or 44, and is a genuine Banner LG-2. Hopefully she will relist it at a more non insane price. Yeah, yeah, I know.....I should have bought it for $250 and never looked back. Sorry, that just isn't me.
  6. rdnzl

    Banner LG-2?

    I saw this today on a local online sale. Could it be an original Banner Model? Serial number is 2543-34 Someone is selling it for $250 and they think it's just a guitar. See pics....
  7. rdnzl

    2017 Faded T

    It's hard to get a photo that really shows the finish and the color correctly, but here's a couple pics.
  8. rdnzl

    2017 Faded T

    I got the Faded T yesterday. It's actually quite nice. Better than I expected. It plays well, has tons of sustain, and seems to be functionally perfect.
  9. rdnzl

    2017 Faded T

    I actually like dot inlays, and uncovered pickups. I think another difference is the finish. A bit more glossy on the 2017. But none of that matters. Playability does.
  10. rdnzl

    2017 Faded T

    After a bit of a hiatus, I am getting back into Les Paul's, and guitars in general. Hand surgery and some other issues made me quit. But I'm at the point where I think I can give it the old college try. Now that I am retired, money doesn't grow on trees any more, so I think I am going to get a 2017 Faded T in the worn cherry finish. I've heard some good things about them. Seem like a good choice for the money. Anyone have any red flags on this model? And $799 is pretty much my budget. And nothing that says Epiphone on it will excite me. Good to be back.
  11. I'm totally in love with this thing. I should be outside on this 82 degree sunny day, but I've been inside playing.
  12. I think she's a real special guitar. Perfect setup, and to me, this is what a good guitar sounds like. I'm no expert or even a good musician, but I know what sounds good. To me anyway. Not sure if there's any real significance to the certificate. One of 50. Does that mean one of 50 in 2014, or one of 50 total TV's made?
  13. The joys of retiring early. :)
  14. Barely used. I'd say mint. I thought getting a cherry burst would be sorta nice to go with this one I already own. It will be fun to compare the two.
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