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  1. 70s gibson pick ups came with black patent applied for sticker
  2. great example!! Do you think a sticker was applied on the back plate of the pickups? Do you have any trace on them?
  3. They are not dirty fingers. they are in the range of Paf but I'm not sure if they are Gibson. For sure it's not a HB-R because of the absence of circuit board. Moreover back in the early 90 only 57 classic and 490r wera available. IMO they are OEM pickups
  4. Unfortunately I live in Italy...
  5. Hi I'm looking for a second hand studio, and I want it with ebony fretboard. someone knows what year did the Studios came with the ebony fretboard?
  6. Hi anyone knows the right dimensions of the pickup base plate screws for gibson pickups? need to buy new ones thanks
  7. My guitar tech doesn't want to replace the pots on my lester. He said that is perfect as is. I just want to take out my guitar the best sound possible and I think 500k pots are useful for this purpose. 490R/498T are the most preferable pickups of the gibson production IMO. And I think Gibson put them almost in every release because they are reliable and versatile. I like them much more than burstbucker pros an 57 classic (I have them in two other different lesters), expecially the 498T. Obviusly they have limits: 490R was too dark with A2 magnet and the 498T is midscooped and a little harsh (depending on amp setting). But I have fixed the problem with a A8 magnet in 498T and a A5 in 490R. Now they are simply perfect. The best combo ever. Comparable with duncans 59n and custom or dimarzio paf and superdistortion. 498t with A8 mag rules!!!!
  8. Hi My 2004 les paul standard comes with stock 300k pots and ceramic 0.02uf caps. Now the guitar has 490r and 498t as pickups (instead of factory burstbuckers pro replaced a couple of months ago). For best sound output, do you think it is better to use 500k audio taper pots with the pickups installed?
  9. Soldered in. Beautiful guitar.
  10. There are 4 pickups in the range of 7-8 ko. And you know the dc resistance is only indicative. As i told in the first post it is not a 490r and it is not a burstbucker pro because i know i those pickips (have them in other two les paul). Seems gibson put in the first thing found in a drawer (and luckly i have an historical piece) or build up a pickup with all the leftovers found on workbench. Or it is simply the first tom holmes projected 57 classic. If it sounds good that doesn't matter. But I want to know what I have to better value the guitar.
  11. ... and if the wire coming from bobins is white we can easily confirm that's a shaw
  12. Hi, a couple of months ago I found out a good deal in the internet. A guy wanted to sell a 1990 les paul standard in heritage cherry. The guitar was in mint condition and the price reasonable. I bought it. Once at home pulled out the pickups, just to look at the inside of the guitar and had a surprise. Instead of what i expected from a guitar of that period (490r and 498t pickups as stated in gibson literature) I had in bridge position the original hb-l pickup and in the neck position a pickup I am still trying to identify. It has chrome cover and sounds similar to a 57 classic, the dc resistance is 7.4 kohm. The odd thing is the backplate reporting the engraved pat # (as far as i know the 57 classic has the sticker "patent applied for"). I am sure it is not a 490r (it sounds different) and I am almost sure it is not a shaw (discontinued years before). Gibson service told my it is an aerly version of 57 classic. Anyone could help?
  13. Probably it is a shaw. If the dc resistance is around 7.5, you have 3 hints that is a shaw: the dc resistance value, the white spacers and the brass screws holding the back plate. Moreover same late shaws have no ink date or code near the pat #.
  14. Hi guys, brand new user here.I would like to know your thoughts about the original hb-l pickup. Have it (as stock pickup) in the bridge of a 1990 les paul standard. IMO it is a great pickup, really underrated. What do you think about?
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