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  1. USA Fender Telecaster Deluxe. With the funds I'd like to replace it with something that is different from my 335, but has somewhat similar playing characteristics. I play jazz, blues and a bit of rock and like the neck on my 335, so what other guitars will give me that similar neck but a different sound and feel from my now beloved ES-335? I've considered an SG or Les Paul but have never played either.
  2. Mojorule, this has been a long process for me since unfortunately I've been buying without being able to see or play the guitars. I had to return the 345 because of a flaw in the right horn which you can see in the photos if you look closely. I eventually got a fantastic deal on a 1959 Reissue ES-335 which I love. I just need to take it in for a professional setup which I'll be doing this week.
  3. My new 1959 ES-335 Reissue has arrived, and she is a beauty. The sale was touch and go for a while since I wasn't sure or comfortable with making such a large purchase through Craigslist, but it worked out and I'm a pretty happy guy. Not sure I'd do it again because the stress was too much as I waited for her arrival and feared receiving a large $3K+ box of rocks. She's definitely very different playing wise from my Tele so it's going to take some time to become comfortable with her, but she's a keeper for sure. I'm going to take her in next week to get a professional setup, then she'
  4. Well, I now own it so I hope I got a good price since I paid less then what was listed.
  5. I've been working with him to purchase this ES335 so that's the reason he cancelled the eBay sale and mentioned and error. I just need to make sure I'm getting a genuine Gibson Es335. I talked with him and he seems very legit but I just want to make sure.
  6. Based on this eBay auction would you guys trust that this is a real 1959 Gibson ES335 Reissue? I see the serial number A07518 but can't make sense of it from the Gibson sites I've visited. Can anyone make sense of this Serial Number? My link
  7. Dang, that's kinda' messed up, especially for a $6500 guitar.
  8. is this real? I contacted the seller and he said that Gibson didn't stamp the 1959 reissue ES335 but did put the orange tag inside the sound hole. My link He has this advertised on craigslist also but I'm just interested to know if you guys have ever heard of no headstock number and if you think this is legit?
  9. from your current Memphis ES and in what way is it different from your Memphis? I just got my first Memphis ES and it is such a thing of beauty that I may be developing a bit of GAS for Gibson guitars after having lusted after Fenders (still love my Tele though) for so many years. Wondering which other Gibson would sit well with these two at some point in the future?
  10. I'll admit I'm pretty fanatical about keeping my gear clean so I was wondering what you folks use to clean your Memphis? I've been using a good furniture polish on my Tele but on my Gibson with the VOS finish I'm not sure what's best.
  11. Well, I ordered then returned the '58 ES335 (really wanted that fretboard binding) and purchased this beautiful ES345. Here is a photo of my two children. I'm hoping these two will serve me well with a little bit blues, a little bit Jazz, and a tiny bit rock n' roll. The only thing I may look t buy in time is a Fender Strat; sure wish I had never sold my '57 sea foam green reissue Strat some 15 years ago. I told my wife that I was going to sell the Tele when i got the 345 but they are both such a joy to play, and are both so different, that I think both are here to stay.
  12. Well, my rep with Sweetwater will let me have it for just over $3,000 but I need to make a decision by the end of the work day in order to get the 36 months free financing. Decisions decisions the pressure is on. The only problems I have is if I ever want to sell it how the hell would I describe it and who would buy it? Would I just be better off with a standard ES345 at the same price?
  13. I asked the folks at Sweetwater and they didn't seem to know either.
  14. I ask because I see one on the Sweetwater site but wonder since it has all the appointments of a ES345 but no switch. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ES45F6415SCGH/sn52026
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