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  2. Ah no, the top had ‘bellied up’ so the saddle is what had been lowered to an extreme in an attempt to try and compensate and get the action down. The strings were brand new. It actually sounded great, but there’s no way I could take it home not knowing what state it was likely to end up in, especially with the back of the neck having a protruding lamination. None of us have a crystal ball and know how a guitar might end up, but personally I could never buy a brand new guitar in that condition. The guitar I took home sounded equally as good (just with a slightly different frequency response) and had no build issues at all. I’m very happy, and strongly advise anyone interested in any acoustic purchase to try at least 4 or 5 of the same model first, if they can. The tone, feel and build quality of J200’s varied widely in my experience with just 6 different instruments, and I’m glad I took my time with it! Thanks:)
  3. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the replies and advice. Fantastic! That’s very interesting to hear about the LR Baggs issues. It seems that the Anthem has a great reputation for sound but a poor one for quality. I’ll keep an eye on my one, but it works fine just now. The preamp is a big old unit though and I wonder whether it affects the tone at all? Also, interrrsting to read about the guitar I rejected possibly needing to be rehydrated. Another reason for me not to want to get involved for sure...
  4. I’m actually in the depths of Surrey, so close enough to Anderton’s, Guitar Guitar, Guitar Village and GAK! Very lucky for guitar stores in these parts. So, I went to play both guitars again and have finally made a decision. The guitar with the slightly richer midrange came home with me, but not because it was actually better (they were both so good tonally, just in slightly different ways) but because the other guitar (upon closer inspection) had some issues that may have caused very big problems later on. Firstly, the saddle had been set low with nowhere left to go later on. If this guitar belly’s then it might need the bridge shaving or neck resetting. Secondly, the dark wooden strip running central down the neck was protruding slightly through the lacquer and the truss was fully tightened. Again no adjustment area to go, and also a potentially disastrous neck later on. Third, the factory installed LR Baggs was faulty. What a shame eh? Wicked sounding guitar, riddled with issues...
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks so much for your replies - they’re all helpful and appreciated! Here in the south of the U.K. we have some amazing guitar stores all in close proximity to each other, so trying 6 was easy (3 different stores)... in fact I could have doubled that figure had I been interested in the sunburst models, but I really want the maple:) Also, 3 of them were what I would consider poorer sounding examples. Very tight, small sounding with almost no low end for a guitar of that size. I’d read before that J200’s varied widely in tonal quality, and now I can see what everyone meant. 50% of the guitars I tried simply didn’t produce £2700 worth of quality sound, in my opinion. I guess it is luck of the draw with the wood used and how the guitar goes together. Plus, maybe those 3 would change over time in to amazing examples? Who knows?! I definitely don’t have the ears of a bat, and would consider myself only an average guitar player considering my 25 years experience, but these tonal and dynamic differences in the guitars were both obvious and easy to distinguish, and I’m not laying down this kind of money without doing a bit of research and understanding as much as I can about J200’s first! To be honest, if I took either of the 2 I’m interested in home with me, I’d be happy... I’ve just gotten to that annoying picky stage where they’re both really good - just in slightly different ways. Poor me eh?! Ha...
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply! So maybe it would be better to get the guitar with the punchier midrange knowing that it will mellow (and the attack will soften) over time rather than getting a guitar that is already mellow and will only get warmer? Any other opinions? Thanks:)
  7. Hello everyone, Here for a bit of advice if possible? Having tried 6 different 2017 SJ-200’s, I've narrowed it down to 2 that are both superb, responsive, alive and balanced, just in slightly different ways! The first is ever so slightly scooped in the mids sounding, with a low end that extends so deeply it’s addictive, and the guitar has a softer attack. The second has excellent deep low end, but more midrange and is more even across the frequency range. This guitar has slightly more attack. Both are great, but I’m wondering how J200’s age over time? Will the scooped sounding guitar develop more mids or become too boomy over time? Will the midrange rich guitar ‘mellow out’ and lose some mids over time, or will it become even stronger in that frequency? Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hey - I actually ordered this guitar direct from you guys, and it was shipped to the showroom in London through an endoursement deal! It's a 59 RI 335, but I purely wanted to know what info your computer brought up - as in, when it was made etc. I KNOW it is authentic! Once again, it's... A - 97110 Many thanks!!
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