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  1. Morning! I started that last night ;). I am going through Reverb and finding likely stores that deal with vintage guitars and am inquiring if they have run across this guitar. Have had several already write back saying they will keep an eye out and some have even suggested a couple of places to ask. Thanks again for your resources, they are providing paths forward! I will check your Seattle link to make sure I haven't yet inquired.
  2. Wintermoon, thanks for your sharp eyes. After you mentioned it I went back to the original pics and did some re-scanning and you seem to be right. The guitar still had the original neck (at least the script without the dropped G) until sometime after the 1952-53 pic because it was different in the one where I was little. Not sure what it bodes but info I never considered before :). I may be able to talk to his surviving sister and brother and see if they recall something about that time.
  3. Hey Jim and all, greatly appreciated for the help so far. I just Messaged with the owner of Meteor Guitar Gallery and he opined that Dave Crocker probably sold the guitar to a dealer since it was at the Chicago Guitar Show several years ago. A slim lead but possibly I can find a list of dealers or something. With regard to the value of the guitar my dad said he always regretted having to have the neck repaired in such a way but back then they were traveling all the time and he didn't have time for the guitar to be out of his possession for very long, although he never gave me specific det
  4. I am still trying to find some better pics from family members but I was able to get a close-up of the head of the guitar and a couple of others.
  5. Hey Jim, great info, thanks! I am searching for any other pics of the guitar that might give more clues for the headpiece, will post as soon as I find something. I have some video from which I will try to get some screencaps.
  6. Greetings to all, This is my second post on this forum although hopefully it won't be my last. What I want to share will hopefully help me locate a guitar that had been in my family since around 1947 when it was purchased by my father until the early 1990s. I may not be able to ultimately purchase it but it has become important to me to determine its welfare, if that makes sense, especially after my parents died in the last few years. My parents were part of a family of professional Gospel singers and musicians called The Rushing Family Singers (brothers, sisters and eventually spouses
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