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  1. lol at solid wood giving a guitar it's sustain... Sustain is determined by mechanical resistance. If the where the bridge and tail piece are bolted to the body is solid wood then there is no difference between a weight relieved version or not. Sustain literally has everything to do with the mechanical resistance on the strings, and that is determined by what touches them directly. Please Macmutt, enlighten this mechanical engineer on all your scientific theory of sustain. I am dying to hear it.
  2. What's really amazing is how in denial most guitarists are about how pick-ups actually work, how sustain actually works, etc.
  3. Thank you for the chart, it actually further cements what is in my mind. I am seeing Standards from 2017 with tops that are equivalent to the B-BB of the chart.
  4. That is only true to an extent, some of these so called AAA tops I am seeing are borderline plain tops, the figuring is almost non-existent.
  5. Hi Guys, I am new here, but feel this is the best place to post about my search since Gibson employees read here. I am on the search for my first Standard. I have decided it needs to be a 2017 HCSB. Now all the ones I try play amazing. This isn't some rant about poor quality control that we are all so used to rolling our eyes at online. This isn't my first LP either, just my very first Standard, moving up in stages as an excuse to validate my GAS to my wife. However, I feel very frustrated on this search. None of the tops I have personally seen are what I would call AAA tops. Heck I have seen some Traditional Ts with nicer tops than I am seeing on these Standards. I feel like Gibson's wood grading team has no clue what they are doing anymore. It is disheartening, because while they all play amazing, aesthetically they are not doing it for me. Have you guys been noticing the same for this model year? What is going on Gibson?
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