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  1. Does anyone own, or seen a vintage L-00 with an original tortoise Pickguard rather than the fire stripe pickguard?
  2. Yep, the guitars are in their cases again. Room humidifier reads 30%, temp reads 78F. Open case, find place to put case, remove humidifier, put on strap. Stop, open case, 4 latches, put in humidifier, put away pick, whoops, have to take guitar out to remove strap, now in case, pick up case, put on rack. Now swapping to Gibson, start whole process again. Hassle. Really. So much more hassle then just grab guitar and play. You know what is bigger hassle? Guitar dry, top caving in, fret buzz, splits in wood, cannot play above 12th fret, screwing around with truss rod, take to luthier, he says give me it for 2-3 weeks, must rehydrate, find out if that does it. Here is bill, $75 for the setup. Whoops, crack has to be fixed. My Larivee' is now buzzing on the 10th fret..... That is much bigger hassle. What is my point? Its winter, humidify the guitar and store it in its case. Hassle one is much better than hassle two. I speak from which I know. I am shocked how many people still leave their guitars out all year like hunting trophies. Hard case, Oasis, yer good. A friendly reminder from this old guy. Happy holidays and treat your guitars with love. http://bestringtones.mobi/iphone-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/guitar-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/bollywood-ringtones/
  3. I'm looking for several lightweight stands to hold acoustics at home when they're out of their case for practice sessions etc. A quick look on the Musicians Friend website showed many models (Musicians Gear, On Stage, Pro Line, Ultimate Support, Gator) ranging in price from 10-15 bucks. Reviews on all are mostly positive with any negative complaints stemming from stability issues on carpet due to rear leg length. Questions: Has anyone experienced differences in these models or stability problems that would cause them to recommend a brand? While some warn that they are unsafe for NC finishes, does anyone have any observations on finish damage? Thanks http://bestringtones.mobi/funny-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/samsung-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/pop-ringtones/
  4. Hey guys I usually get my answers here from the vast information on the search here... So thanks for all you guys who have helped without even knowing. I just bought a 0017SE BLK Smoke from a buddy who never played it... I love the small size, Tone, feel and weight, and it fills a void in my little collection of acoustics. Playing it for a week or so I already see some minor marks where a pick guard would be... I do a bit of both finger and pick... I don't plan much aggressive play on her, but would consider a clear pick guard.... IF it doesn't ruin the (flat) finish and value of the guitar. Also... there ain't much room there for a pickguard... so perhaps it's impossible. Any thoughts, advice? Thanks in advance. http://bestringtones.mobi/sms-message-tones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/instrumental-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/country-music-ringtones/,
  5. Hi everyone, new here. I bought a Martin D-16RGT about 8 months ago with rosewood sides and back. I kind of overstepped my bounds as a beginner buying a guitar like that because all I do now is strum chords which I generally reach for my $100 Epiphone for. Because of that, my Martin sits mostly in the case. When I do play it though, the smell of the rosewood is so strong. I am sure that is probably a desirable quality to some, but I can be sensitive to scents and after a while it can actually give me a headache. So I was wondering, what is the best way to air it out? I assume just leave it out of the case, but it is winter now and the heater is going on and off and I am worried about any effects on the wood. I live in CA so the temp swings aren't too bad, but this is certainly the nicest guitar I will own for a while so I want to make sure it is well taken care of. Also, can anyone advise what the approx trade value of this guitar would be? It is in like new condition with the ohsc. Just thinking maybe a Gibson would suit me better since I have mostly learned and practice on my Epiphone. http://bestringtones.mobi/, http://bestringtones.mobi/zedge-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/popular-ringtone/
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