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  1. Hi guys I don't get that option on that thread (but get it on this one) Hey Spar.. I assure you man.. kindly, its because TinyPic is closed. I have been hosting my own pics for forums for around a year now.. the above post is the top hit on google for the discoverer bass.. soo Ah! just seen your new post.. yeah spot on! you get me now!
  2. Hi fellow forum members 🙂 Tiny Pics closed.. a little while ago now.. I for one had a load of pics and used that site for all my forums.. my past posts.. (I'm particularly thinking of this one: Have their pictures missing.. hence wondering about editing.. Wishing I could re-up using my blogger as host.. Dava
  3. Hoping Gibson would sell them .. and then buy some. 🙂
  4. Hi I would like to suggest that the Gibson 491T become a Gibson Gear product. My favorite pickups are: Gibson 491T (which I put in the neck for loads of sustain.. I play with high gain) Dimarzio SD Epiphone P-100 (1957 LP jr reissue) Fender Wide Range I did not like the 70's reissue Dirty Fingers (which is weird because I heard these were Gibsons copy of the Dimarzio SDs). I would love to see the 491Ts for $50/£50 a pop (60 for chrome covers, 65 for gold) sign me up for four! So two of my four favorite pickups are Gibson owned.. those P-100s go for $25/£25 on the second-hand market, couldn't Gibson get a slice of that too? peace Dava
  5. I did an Alt History mockup.. Enjoy! 🙂
  6. I have those books 🙂 It was the first place I ever saw an Epiphone Scroll.. which I am lucky enough to say I own a SC-550 Custom 'Black Beauty'.. one of my dream guitars.
  7. Hi Pip I agree with everything you've said 🙂 To be clear I was saying Gibson have first stake to that headstock. Thanks for the Futura/Explorer patent.. very interesting. (for fun) What do you think about a special edition.. Discovery Guitar? 🙂
  8. I see Gibson are suing Dean.. The Gibson Futura Headstock is the one I reference above.. if you haven't seen one.. see picture. I am not referencing the 'open book headstock'. On a personal note.. IMHO Dean should settle this with Gibson by offering shared rights of the ML. Both companies can use both the headstock and body shape.. for Gibson the 'Discovery' for Dean the ML.
  9. little update :) Neck pickup and three way are installed.. MAN I gotta say.. these Epi P100 are *thee* most excellent humcancelling P90s EVER.. to my ears they sound '1 = 1' to P90s without the hum. Epiphone/Gibson should make these a regular part of Gibson gear.. but selling them at around £30/$45 a pop. My ultra mini review: Fat but tight 50's D Dale (misirlou) style low end, crisp mids, complicated and subdued highs.. the Epiphone P100 is to my surprise; a high quality pickup, I never seen coming. For refs: (expensive) I like.. Dimarzios/Dimarziclones/Gibson 491T/ Fender wide range (or any of their dimarziclones).. not a great fan of Seymour Duncan for a long time.. but over the last 8 or so years, SD have been beginning to win me over. (budget) Entwistle (I own lots of Aldens soo..) Antec Rails and any BL clones.. few chinese no-brands have been decent too.. the double pole Alnico 5 no name in my SG-X .. sounds pretty rockin'! Clean.. the Epi P100s are OK..yeah just OK.. with Gain? OH FLIP WOW!! I mean it.. 100% P90 tone with 0% hum I want to buy MOREEEE -------- Wait a minute.. thats all three guitars with my favorite Gibson neck profile that had to get a neck pickup added.. :/ Why on Earth can't I just get an SG Standard (Epi or Gibson) with this neck profile :/ ?
  10. Hi guys If you've read any of my other posts you know.. I'm not a fan of modern Epi neck profiles, however that being said.. I LOVE the '57 Jr neck profile! Is this what they call a 50's style neck? because it seemed to me very close to (what I've been calling) a 90s style neck profile.. I now have 3 guitars with this profile, my Gibson SG MM Hotrod, my 1998 SG-X (modified) and now the Epi LP Jr. MAN if Epiphone made SG standards with this neck.. sign me up! Not too 'troll-y' but.. every SEA Epi I've owned I've hated and couldn't wait to see the back of.. this one is a keeper!.. I'm going to hotrod it by putting a neck PU. Epi P100 (bridge) I bought off reverb. ------- (A Friend gave this guitar for free because it had a cracked neck, I've since repaired it, but still need to smooth out with some glue/nail varnish and go to work some more with some polishing sand paper.. I'm close already with 30 hours sunk, but it could be better.) here's a look for a nosey.. :)
  11. SG's Modified :) The Ebony one (originally a 70's tribute) now has real MOP inlays, a Jag/Jazzmaster trem, a Towner roller bar and is refinished. I am currently refinishing it again in gloss black with a ebony mid-stripe, although I am considering going all black. The blue one is my Melody Maker SG, it has switches: 1. parallel/series. 2. phase. 3. bass cut. It has an earthing issue just now in the neck HB, I hope to switch that HB out (maybe get a Fender Wide Range) when I have some spare cash. LOVE the '90s neck' on the Melody Maker :)
  12. OR the rumor-mill has been cranking out that the creditors will move Gibson to China. So... ? what would you suggest Mega?
  13. Hi Lars From what you have written, you must have a LOT of money, enough to afford higher end stuff, Gibson is in a place that Fender is not, Fender have ways of generating income by hitting that £300/$400 price point, Gibson struggles to do this, I own a collection of 30+ guitars, many of them Squiers.. hmmm maybe that's too generalized :/ My first 'real' guitar was a 1994 Fender Mexican Contemporary Special Strat bought as a shop return in 1995. I took it to a luthier for dress & level and it smashes many modern era guitars. I still own it today. I don't know what you are talking about as far as QC goes, I and many others disagree.. but I realize I should be cagey in praising Fender too much on this website. You seem to questioning my knowledge of QC. I am happy with Mexican Fender's QC..I'm not the only one. Epiphone however..I have hated every SEA Epiphone I have ever owned and could not wait to see the back of it, Every Squier I sold I later regretted selling and missed. The only Epi's worth anything to me are 70's era Japanese Epi's.. the Scroll Custom is one of my dream guitars. I guess this is a good excuse to show off the guitars I own, so you and anyone know I'm not talking from imagination.. 1965 Trans-Era Fender Mustang (rebuilt by myself) You can see my collection of Alden's mixed in there.. and my collection of Showmaster/Stagemasters I've been busy refinishing the Gibson SG with the Jaguar Trem into a more solid black with heavier gloss. Lovely Japanese guitar: 2004 American Standard (Deluxe body with replacement neck) plays great but the noiseless pickups make this crazy oscillation under high gain.:/ 1986 Peavey USA Falcon Deluxe (Basically a 80's American Standard Strat Plus.. not to be confused with the cheaper but still good USA Predator) Point being.. I too want Gibson to protect their brand. Make USA guitars (even though I am Scottish).. but because Gibson's revenue streams are so limited there imho need to be a bridge between the SEA Epiphones and full blown Gibsons.. flip I am NOT buying another new Gibson after all the palava I went through with the 2015 SG Standard :( I dropped £850 on that.. thats a huge chunk of cash! But if you offer me a way of getting North American QC without that hefty price tag.. maybe I would and others would take that chance.. and Gibson have been flirting with the lower end for ages (since 2006?) it's just a fact that the States (and pretty much all western countries) have priced themselves out of the job market. Current Mex Fender's have moved to a flat radius fretboard, which I feel was a big mistake.. but that's a design issue/decision not a QC issue. If Gibson still want to charge big money for their models.. they need a revenue that will enable them to do so without hurting their brand as a whole.. Epiphone *I feel* cannot provide that stability, a third 'middle brand' *I feel* could.. kind regards Dava
  14. In light of Gibson filing for Chapter 11.. I hope no one minds the bump. I had an interesting thought yesterday.. could Gibson relaunch Orville brand guitars but the source is Mexican made only? Fender have had a roaring success with Mexican Fenders. Fender don't gimp their Mexican guitars, if the Mexican QC is higher than the American, Fender will tell their american staff to work harder.. not tell their Mexican staff to gimp the product. this is the correct way round, and valuable to customers. This wind seems to blow favor in all directions as; Epiphone can stay in SEA, some people were not keen to move Gibson out of the US, and Orville is a disused brand name with a lot of cache with collectors. While making Orville's anywhere but Japan might a little upsetting to collectors, as anyone who's owned a Mex Fender, the quality for the price is not to be sniffed at. I feel.. it is a compromise that fits all sides. The guitars could be limited to; LP, SG and MM. Special and Standard for the LP and SG.. with MM having two variations of single and double cut. thoughts?
  15. Hi guys I owned for a few years a 1994 SG Special, it was a partial gift from a friend for looking after him during a bad time in his life, well, I didn't know any better* and was still paying over £100 a month for my cable TV and got into debt.. sadly the guitar had to go. I got a measly £320 for it, I never really knew what I had.. I always thought the neck was amazing.. but I hadn't tried any other modern Gibsons at that time and thought it was a standard style of neck. Turns out it wasn't.. many SG's use the slim taper style of neck.. which over time I am growing to hate more and more, maybe if I ground the frets it would be OK.. I am considering doing this on my SG with the trem. For a while now I have been calling that neck style a '90's neck'.. the truth is I don't know which era it is from, my 2011 MM SG has the same neck and on the reference section of this website it's just called a 'Melody Maker' neck.. not very catchy, I prefer '90's neck'.. but I would also like to know if this neck has been used before and already has it's own terminology. The start of this year I *actually* managed to shift the 2015 SG Standard in trade for an American Fender Strat* .. this whole experience has refocused my mind, I have wanted to own a SG Standard since I was 18yo and I'm 42yo.. I now want *that* neck shape/fret size. I suppose I could just buy a Special from that era and slowly do it up.. the binding would be a nightmare.. impossible for me.. the fret markers again, I just don't have the tools or expertise. Faceplate I could do.. covers for the pickups yes, but that's not quite a Standard. Does anyone have an 2011 SG Melody Maker and a SG Standard that have the same neck shape/fret size, if so what era is the Standard from? Does anyone know the terminology of that neck profile, is it a regular Gibson neck? It is regular/small breadth* and regular/fat width. Not chunky like an old Jag. Kind regards Dava -------------------------------- * I have zero cable TV now.. just the internet and netflix. I gave up my house phone too.. just pay once a year to skype. didn't need all that junk draining my finances and couldn't see that at the time (2006-2012). *(2004.. deluxe body and fixtures, standard neck, guy didn't like the rosewood deluxe neck so he switched it for maple) *I suggest this terminology.. breadth: the point of which the guitar lays on its back, the breadth of the fretboard is the surface on the neck facing the ceiling. This makes sense because the guitar itself has greater breadth in this position if including the body; therefore it cannot be confused with width. Leaving 'height' which is when the guitar is upright with the breadth facing you; the longest point from the bottom to the top.
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