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  1. This guitar has the 50's style fatter neck but the parts are shiny and binding is white so I don't think this has got the VOS-treatment. The first photos are of the actual guitar and I would attach more but this forum says my quota is already full with 2 uploaded photos.. I actually emailed service@gibson.com but they replied to me from the European Service Center?
  2. Thanks for the reply! Looks like the Wildwood guitars serial numbers don't follow any reasonable decoding system either? Here's one that's even closer to the one I'm looking at: It does bother me a bit that even Gibson Service (I got the reply from Gibson Service Europe) can't find the serial number in their system? The story was that this was a one-off ordered straight from the factory with some sort of endorsement deal but I would still guess Gibson would have wrote down the serial numbers somewhere but then again Gibson seems to have their own way of thinking what's reasonable and wh
  3. I've been looking for a Gibson ES-335/345/355 for a while and now I found an ES-345TDC for sale which is said to be a '59 reissue from 2014 but I'm not sure how to verify it? It's got special colour, probably Pelham Blue and it doesn't have a serial number on the headstock. The label inside says model: ES-345TD and serial number A07047. The guitar doesn't come with the cerfificate or any documents. I've asked Gibson Service to help me decode the serial number but they only say that they can't find it in their system? Can anybody help trying to decode the serial number? I'm not really worried a
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