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  1. Thank you very much for your help,I do appreciate that,now I can order my J-165 EC rosewood with the ebony fingerboard!! :o) have a great day ! Jeff 1
  2. Good morning,looking for some help,Im wondering what the difference is between these two guitars? If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks guys,I did swap out thefactory strings for a set of D'addario xl .010 as soon as i got her,:ll check those other suggestions and kee u posted! Thanks for youe help! Jeff
  4. Hey guys,just looking for some suggestions,I just picked up a 61 reissue,about 2 weeks ago,but i'm having trouble keeping her in tune,any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Jeff
  5. Thats a beautiful guitar u have there,I have a J-185 and am loving her,I tried Elixir strings but was not impressed,im sticking with Daddarios now just put a set of exps and am loving them. Jeff
  6. Good to hear u solved the gunky neck problem, and thanks for the info, I do appreciate it. Have a great day! Jeff
  7. Where did u pick that one up? I've been looking for one,but cant seem to find one anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions?Thanks,Jeff
  8. try stringing your guitar with d'addario chromes .11 it might make a world of difference! Jeff
  9. Thanks for all the awesome feedback! you all definitely taught me a few things,I do appreciate that! Rock on! jeff
  10. Good evening everyone,just an observation,but im curious,gibson is coming out with many es335's 345, 1963 es335 reissues etc,and they all seem to have laminated bodies sides and tops. Aside for the cs356 which is allsolid wood,why is gibson moving into the laminates? call me old fashioned,but I love the sound of an all wood guitar as it ages,looking for feed back,thanks! Jeff
  11. I love the Heritage cherrry sunburst,the ebony with gold,the honey burst,heck.. i love em all!!!!lol
  12. Jeffvisca


    How r u all doing today? I have a question I hope someone may be able to help me.Im buying a Les paul classic from guitar center,it has a 6 digit serial number, I thought only the pre 1975 LP's had the 6 digit numbers. Can any one clarify this for me,your help is greatly appreciated. Rock on!! Jeff
  13. I love the les paul classic,the 60's slim taper neck just feels so awesome for me!! The clasic speaks to me, i love the tone and sustain,the neck is very fast and comfortable,its all a mater of personal taste. Rock on!! =D>
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