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  1. Does anyone know how to block people here? Thanks.
  2. Yup... Figures... You just can't let it go hey?... I suggest you have a conversation with your psychiatrist - on your next session - as to why you feel that you must impose your opinion on others. On complete strangers as well. And why you can't simply allow others and complete strangers to have their own opinion. When an "opinion" is declared buy a deluded and disturbed person... this does not make it a "fact".... just because you say so. And the reality - that offers the contrary view of what is stated as "fact", by the disturbed people of the world - sort of defeats anything you have to say about its actuality. You guys should know this pretty well these days - as your highly disturbed president makes statement as "facts" all day long - when they are really just lies or opinions. The reality of the tuning and results of the Taylor - washes away your deluded statements ... instantly. Not much you can do about reality I'm afraid... But go ahead an keep trying if it makes you feel better O_o ------- I'm really not interested in debating this any further with you - and will not respond to any more of your .... delusions. I am looking for the block button as soon as I am done typing here. I would book that next appointment early if I were you O_o Thanks again to those normal people who responded normally.
  3. I could demonstrate it for you with the Taylor. And it maters not the key. You can simply tune it... Take a tuner... Play every single fret 1 at a time... and every single note will register its true value on the tuner on each and every fret... Not making it up... Funny... No mater what you post on the internet - no mater where on the internet ... someone will always come along and simply can't deal with what you have to say. "Its impossible" OK ... like I said... I have already thanked those who politely gave their opinion, advice and suggestions here. And I will thank them once again... Thank you. For those who wish to dictate their view of the possible or impossible... Good luck with that 0_o
  4. Well... Thanks for your opinions, advice and information. I really hoped to hear from Gibson themselves on this here. With the purchase of a guitar - at the shop where I bought it - comes a free set-up. I took it in and spoke with the sales rep about this issue of all notes not being in tune on every fret. His position was that - "All guitars are this way". Well... if that is the consensus - I guess I will live with it. But I am sure that my Gibson SG is near perfect on every single fret. And my Taylor 528-e is most certainly absolutely perfect on every single fret. When tuned precisely - every single fret will return an accurate note on the register. So.. at least from my experience - it is not every single guitar. I do understand how every guitar will not be the same. Each is an individual piece of wood and will have its individual idiosyncrasies. My expectation was - the more I pay for a guitar - the more precise things like this would be. Intonation, tuning, staying in tune... would all get better the more you spend. Once again - would be great to hear from Gibson themselves here on this. Thanks again all. Happy picking :)
  5. Thanks for your reply :) So - is it the Guitar shop - where I bought it - that is responsible for the state of the guitar at time of purchase? What is a reasonable expectation from guitar shops? They have quite a few guitars - should they all be set up perfectly at point of purchase - or before they hang them up for purchase?
  6. Here for some answers from the pro's. Asked all sorts of people - now I want the real poop. I have 2 Gibson guitars. SG and 335 1 Taylor 528-e Each of these guitars cost thousands. The SG and the Taylor - I have had for a few years - and have been professionally set up a few times over about 5 years. I recently purchased the 335 - from a very reputable store here in Canada. I record to midi and tuning is very important to me. When I fret a note - I expect it to be in perfect tune. With all of my guitars - however - they do not play perfect notes when fretted. Some fretted locations are perfect tune - some not. The intonation is perfect. With my Gibson guitars - particularly **when fretting the A on the G string (3rd string 2nd fret) - the A always is sharp somewhat.** For the SG - **if I compensate somewhat on the G string, pulling it back - not quite flat - the A will then be close to A on when fretted.** **With the 335 - I have to pull the G string flat out of tune, to get the fretted A to be in tune.** **What is going on here exactly?** **Why is it the G string and the fretted A on both them?** **I have a Epiphone Studio - does the same thing... but for $400... Why am I spending thousands of dollars to have guitars that do not fully tune?** I have these discussions with the sales reps at the Guitar store - they say it is in my head or "Supposed to be that way". I feel they are sales motivated and will stray from the truth. I want to spend my time playing my guitar and recording - not tuning and being frustrated. I have played guitar for decades - it is not a fretting issue (how I fret the string). I have tested various fretting techniques and use a consistent fretting method - to test the tune - to ensure the data is the same. What is the reality here? What should one really expect form a high end guitar - Gibson or other? At what point do you accurately say - "there is something wrong with this guitar"? How much of this do I put on the store where I bought it (set up and point of sale expectations) - and how much of this do I put on Gibson (Why aren't the guitars your distributors selling - perfect?) I would like to here all opinions - but I was really hoping that someone from Gibson would respond. I don't mind paying for quality - and I love the way Gibson guitars sound - but one would think the least you would expect from a high end guitar; is that it would tune properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards.
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