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  1. Adamc


    I would say the 339 would be worth more right?
  2. I love how excited this guy is about these songs. I feel the same way about a lot of Beatles songs. This is why I love music!
  3. How are those earvana nuts? Been thinking about getting one...
  4. Ok guys it's all over lol. I now own a 2017 gold top les top classic. It's awesome and I'm not having any issues. I love it. Thanks for all the help and replies! Adam
  5. I can't wait, this one has the 50s neck which I'm cool with. And it's a gold top which I love. The black pick guard may have to grow on me though lol. I'm excited to mess with all the different combos it has to offer. I think this one is a 2013, 2014 maybe? Not sure yet. It should be in by tues or wed
  6. Ok I have an update. Took it to a Gibson certified repair shop. One of three in my state lol. Anyway he said the nut was cut a tad too low, and recommended a bone but, also be checked the truss rod, and thought it was really tight to adjust. He seemed a little disturbed about that. So anyway he told me he could get working on it in like a week and a half. In the meantime I'm browsing guitar center inventories online, and I come across a gold top traditional pro, used....so, it's being shipped to my local guitar center and I'm trading mine in for it lol. It's 1300 bucks, I think it's worth it and I get the neck and body binding which I thought I could live without. Turns out I cannot lol. So that's what I'm doing. Anyone know why the back of the traditional pro, there is a spot for a 9 volt battery?? In lamens terms please haha Adam
  7. Well I called Gibson, it almost sounds like they don't believe me. They told me to take it to where I bought it and have their tech evaluate it, and "see if there is anything wrong with it". So I'll be doing that tomorrow. I would consider filling the nut a little myself, but I really don't trust myself and don't want to screw it up in a different way. the nut has been lubed with the graphite pencil like suggested, and no improvement. So I'll have it figured out tomorrow, I know a few have told me not to go back to GC, but that's what the Gibson rep told me to do, and that's the only reason why I'm doing it. Thanks again.
  8. Ok thanks, that would be quicker
  9. I will do that tomorrow. Thanks. Also I registered on the Gibson website, is that all I need for the warranty? They didn't explain that to me, 😐
  10. Thanks! So I will have to start looking for a good guy to do guitar work. So by any chance anyone know of one in Michigan lol
  11. I know I'm sorry, it does seem like beating a dead horse, I just live like 30 to 40 minutes from anywhere that I can take it to, I work, I haven't had time to do it yet. I am going to take this advice. This thread has given me great advice. Thank you so much
  12. I have only had the guitar for 3 weeks now. They said they would take it back within 45 days. I didn't alter anything on it, I just didn't notice this problem until I got it home
  13. One quick question, I haven't quite got the guitar back in yet, but I did talk to guitar center on the phone. My question is, if there is something off with the nut, short of actually replacing it, shouldn't they help me out a little? It sounded like they were going to charge me, I told them of that was the case they can take it back. They said they would at least look at. The way I see it, I bought it from them new, if there is a flaw like that, shouldn't they take care of me? I just want to know if I have a legitimate complaint, before I go in running my mouth. (I'm pretty quick to do that ). Thanks again for your input
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