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  1. Hi all, I'm new here. Just retired from the Army after 28 years, and now I have time to play again. I did lots of open mics (vocals and guitar) and some coffee shop gigs back in college. I want to get back into it just for the love of it. I'm currently working an epi Les Paul standard, and I'm planning on buying a Joe Pass soon. I've been 100% acoustic until very recently, and the used amp I bought for practice is crap, so I'm a total noob on amps. As a vocal+guitar solo act (I use an RC-3 loop pedal so I can play some lead over my own rhythms on the bridge and some descants on the verses) I assumed I'd need to get a 2 channel PA and mic a separate guitar amp through the PA. Some great folks over on the Jazz Guitar Chat forum gave me some tips for single combo amps that can do both. Recommendations included: Acoustic Image Clarus 2R, the Henriksen Bud, and possibly Quilter amps. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? How about where to buy it? I've looked at GC, MF, and Sweetwater, but no got no love.
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