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  1. OK. Got it installed, but it is not showing the device under the audio tab. Any advice?
  2. I have DJ-Tech Pocket DJ. It came bundled with Deckadance LE. It is not showing the device under the audio tab. Using a modern Macbook, current OS. Any advice?
  3. I bought a DJ-Tech Pocket DJ which comes bundled with the Deckadance LE software. My laptop doesn't have a CD drive, so I can't install directly from the disc. The LE version, is not available for download anywhere and my serial number isn't working with the latest version's (2.48?) download. I tried using it with in Demo mode of the latest version, but the controller is not functioning with that at all. I have spent hours trying to solve this and the forum will not allow me to post a new topic or reply to old ones, so I am really stuck. I registered through cakewalk and that went as it should. I open the downloaded and installed Deckadance program. Click on Preferences. Click on Registration. Click on LE Version. A crq file is generated. I click on the activation Website button (also in the preferences panel) It takes me to the site, asks me to log in and send the crq file that was generated. When I do this, it fails and tells me to contact support. PLEASE help. J.
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