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  1. I'm neutral on it. Personally, I think it looks nice, but it's not something I'd take to a show.
  2. I was at a show yesterday, and I saw BFG's from last year and the Gary Moore BFG. I like last year's better, specifically the silverish-black one (I don't remember the specific name of that finish- was it ink burst?). My question to you is can I still even buy a BFG in that finish, or will I have to go to the Gibson Custom Shop and order one? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thundergod, I think ima go with the Supreme. It may take me awhile to get the money, but you can rest assured when I finally get her I'll post pics on this thread.
  4. I know with the original Robot there was this uber-expensive version that came out, then there was the Les Pauls and SG's that had Robot technology for less than half the price of the original. When will this second-gen version of the Darkk Fire come out, and how much will it cost?
  5. Thank you people so much for taking the time to help me out. Your advice has helped greatly.
  6. @ fingers galore: That's the prettiest Les Paul I've ever seen! It sucks that the only ones they have at Guitar Center are Lefties, or else I'd buy one.
  7. Thinak you, ThunderGod. I just don't understand why they have to make 25 for one special order when they could save money on materials and make one.
  8. If I have to pay $10K per guitar and have to order at least 25 of them, then screw that. I'll just get an Axcess and put Zebras in it, as Are Nine said. Problem solved.
  9. Then again, there's the Les Paul Axcess. It has a Floyd Rose (which is a plus for me) and it has the new neck heel. Do they seem okay?
  10. i was thinking either the Gary Moore BFG or a Les Paul Supreme. What do you think?
  11. If I went to the Gibson Custom shop in Nashville and asked them to make me a Les Paul or SG with a Floyd Rose and Zebra Pickups, how much would it cost?
  12. I'd put a Bigsby on it. Or, if you're willing to spend more than that, you could have someone cut away wood from the guitar *cringes at the thought* and put a Floyd Rose in.
  13. My price range doesn't matter, as long as it's within reason. I like a slim neck shape. The top doesn't matter much to me, as long as it's carved. With that in mind, what do you recommend?
  14. I know I want a Gibson Les Paul. That much I know from playing them. But there are just so many to choose from! If you can, tell me which Les Paul is the best, and list the good and bad things about it.
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