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  1. Is it just me or have these armchair collectors gone plum loco with the vintage guitar purchases as of late? ‘80 and ‘82 flying vs selling at 6K?! Did i miss something historically significant these past few years? The sooner we stop overpaying (yeah, I get that something is worth what someone’s willing to pay for it), the sooner we’ll settle this madness down. https://reverb.com/item/33887194-1982-white-gibson-flying-v
  2. thanks, juan - i didn't expect it to hold much value. wishful thinking got the better of me.
  3. rustystrings, what value would you estimate on this unit as is and based on your "norlin-era" comment, approximately how old do you speculate this to be?
  4. Have an opportunity to buy this guitar. But is it Real? Vintage? Knock-off? If it is in fact a vintage model, what year was it made? Model? Value? Thanks!
  5. Case smells, but not as bad as the guitar.
  6. Hey there Gibson enthusiasts... I recently purchased my first Les Paul, a 1992 Standard Tobacco Burst. Unfortunately, I didn't take the "tobacco" part literally, as the guy who owned it was a heavy smoker. The guitar REEKS of tobacco/nicotine. I would really like to get this smell off of it. I'm reaching out to those of you in this forum who can provide me with a safe and effective method of cleaning it. Also, if you had to choose an authorized dealer to "set up" the guitar, would you choose a Guitar Center location? Thanks for any input.
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