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  1. I put foam in my goldtop and works a treat. youll find some in there already a bit of grey foam in the middle. either move it back if it comes away or put in excess.
  2. Bare knuckles are very good as i had some miracle man pups in an ibanez rg350 which made it a 80s machine. Quite pricey tho but very good service. Email them say what guitar you have, made from what and what you were after in the ways of sounds and they choose whats good for you. Tim is the main man there and knows his stuff. Also irongear pickups are very good imo. i had some hotslags before and they were great. (Excuse the wording)
  3. The mods are good and in the middle position you keep the stock sound. Cheap to buy the bits than the kit. Heres the mods. Shouldnt post it but here it is anyhow This will help
  4. I love Kramers! Never brought a top line one but had a music yo fr422 striker last year and also had a st100 striker also. Both got modded as in the pics Before After Before how it came Another before After
  5. Thank you i havent been round the rest of the site. i'll be honest people here are down to earth, some of the gibson folk are a bit up there own arse with respects to some topics. I own a gibson and im not one by the way
  6. Can we still swapp/sell trade on here? I noticed the classified section has gone so if this post is against the rules then please delete. I have a recently aquired vox ac4tv 8" combo and i have modified the back to be partially open back and this has made the amp somewhat better sounding straight from the box and also with the addition of a groove tube 12ax7 swap also. Im really into my high gain settings and sounds and i thought id try this small portable amp out, it is a great little amp but i can see it getting zero play against my blackstar ht5. Shame i modded it as now i cant return it Anyhow i dont fancy throwing it on ebay and thought id ask if people out there might be interested in swapping bits and bobs? I paid £159 one week ago so its brand new except for opening the back. pic will be posted after making sure this post is aloud now. Im after a chorus pedal,looper pedal or maybe a small combo suitable for high gain van halen style music or 80s hairmetal stuff. doesnt have to be tube amp either. Im in the uk in bedfordshire area and postage should be ok Let me know if any ideas even if i havent stated them already Thanks
  7. Wondered if it was possible to change the value of a speakers resistance? Following on from the vox ac4tv thread on the orange amp forum i tried my Vox AC4TV with an 8 ohm speaker from my 2x12cab and the sound was really nice, more bright more articulate and louder. Anyhow the combo comes with a 16ohm speaker is it possible to switch it down to 8ohms? Ive read on the net that if you have a 8 ohm speaker and you want to run it as 16ohm you can use a resister in series. An 8ohm resister in series rated at 10 watts would be suitable for a 4-9watt amp apparently. If this is right is it possible to do the reverse and run a 16ohm speaker at 8ohms? Id like the option of swapping over by a switch when i fancied to changed the sound and overall volume of the amp. If it means buying an 8ohm speaker then i would do it if it was safe to run it as 16ohms with a resister. Any comments??
  8. My cab has 2 8ohm speakers wired for 16ohms (Marshall TSL212) I use them wired like this as standard with my blackstar ht5 head which has only 8 or 16ohm outputs. I only have one input on my cab so i guess id have to wire it the switchable way 4ohm-16ohm. Would want both to be used thats all.
  9. Hi guys havent been hear for a while as couldnt get my login to work. Anyhow its all sorted now and im back for some info. Im hopefully getting a Harley Benton GA5 modded by rat 2nd hand for the price of a new V3 next week but was hoping i could mod it slightly. It comes as with the following mods already; Voice Pre Amp Bias Position 1, a touch of negative feedback for a darker, mid-oriented tone, distinctly british. reduced front end gain Position 2, Brighter and more open, typical small fender style sound Position 3, High gain configuration Power Amp gain Position 1, Medium gain Position 2, Low Gain Position 3, High Gain Pre amp Drive Pre amp Tone Power amp Output Pentode/Triode/Standby switch Mains On/Off L-Pad Attenuator control on rear Speaker impedance switch 4 ohm / 8 ohm Connectors Input Power Speaker Di Out - Much better than average as taken from the power amp signal. I have a marshall tsl 2x12 cab which is 16ohm and id like to run the amp into this sometimes so wondered is it possible to do this with the standard output transformer or would it need an upgrade? The guy doesnt know if its had a different opt fitted. Or would i be better modding my cab to have 2 diff ohms settings? one 4ohm and one 16? is it even possible still using both speakers?? Thanks guys and it good to be back!
  10. Get a faded cherry 1966 g400 reissue from coda music. There based in luton and stevenage near me and that epi model looks lush in person. Heres a link! http://www.coda-music.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_33_248&products_id=7758 http://images.guitarcenter.com/products/optionlarge/Epiphone/419612jpg.jpg
  11. just been looking at some pics of some LP's on coda musics website and all the knob positions are diff on the new pics and old ones too? is this normal? There a genuine dealer but i guess they could of been handed some fakes before? The 3 in the 2nd hand section are all diff too making me think possible fakes. here are links to the 2nd hand ones. http://www.coda-music.com/product_info.php?cPath=170&products_id=8043 Knob in line with bridge http://www.coda-music.com/product_info.php?cPath=170&products_id=8044 Check out the silverburst logo too! knob in line http://www.coda-music.com/product_info.php?cPath=170&products_id=8045 Knob sits back from bridge in this one But these are stock photos i guess from epiphone below http://www.coda-music.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_33&products_id=1541 knob in line http://www.coda-music.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_33&products_id=1767 Knob sits back What you guys think???
  12. I personally like to try before i buy. for £250 2nd hand it can bee in almost new condition. new there expensive compared to the web prices. I wouldnt buy of net if could help it. Coda is pretty local so worth the 20min trip from bedford I got my BFG of ebay as they dont make them anymore and got lucky as its great. much better quality than the gary moore modelthey got in the shop which is crap. feels and sounds horrible. I played 4 or 5 epis before getting mine and there was quite a difference in them all. all had high action but that can be adjusted. 2 of them i didnt like the flame veneer top looked really fake if that makes sence and one of the others sounded horrible. kind of dull. the 2 good ones i choose the best looking one in the end. If your a beginner then i always say try them unplugged first. if they sound nice acoustically and ring out nice then with good electrics/pickups it will sing. if it sounds crap unplugged then will sound crap with top notch electrics. My bfg is really nice sounding acoustically so i was lucky, like i say the gary moore one in the shop sounds dull unplugged and kinda thin compared to mine when plugged in. I wont buy new anymore as to costly but will buy 2nd hand from a shop.
  13. Oh theyve got the gibson slash lp sig model 2nd hand if you can find 2200 quid! i tried it and it was lovely! Shame im not rich cos id have it now
  14. The standard epi lp is great i had one for about a year and had enough money to upgrade to a gibson lp bfg which was something i loved. I thought its was a very good guitar, very solid and well made. looked beautiful too. Dont buy a new one from ebay as id say there are 1in5 fakes who say new and there price is about 50 quid cheaper. i upgraded my pickups to irongear ones from the irongear website. very good upgrade and very cheap too. about 25-30quid each. coda music is a great place to pickup 2nd hand epis. theyvce got 3 lp customs for 300quid at the minute and they sell 2nd hand standards for about 250. You'll not get a fake there as there a genuine gibson,epiphone,fender dealer. check out there website there a massive 2nd hand section. There based in luton and stevenage. i always go to the luton branch as im from dunstable. heres a link http://www.coda-music.com/index.php?cPath=170&oscsid=f9b759268fe5b7ae43b6271936345597 Very helpfull over the phone too. Also what amp do you use? even the slash lp wouldnt sound much better than the standard through a low cost amp.
  15. Ive used the net and books for 4 years. have gotten to a stage i cant get past and now have started to have lessons. If you want to learn songs then try Vguitarlessons as he teaches a variety of songs for very cheap price and there very good videos. Also when you subscribe you get 12 beginer free lessons emailed to you.
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