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  1. Hi everyone I bought a pair of Gibson Tony Iommi Humbuckers second hand back in Oct 2016 at 180 USD and recently dropped them in a Gibson SG. They measured 8.1k ohms and 8.4k ohms respectively, which is just half the stated value of these pickups (16.5k). True enough, when I fired up my lead solo patch on the fractal ax8, its nearly a clean tone. Output was miserably small. Now I am so bummed and disappointed because I waited since February to get my Gibson SG due to CITES, only for these pickups to fail on me. I got the SG for these pickups and not the other way round. What other alternative pickups do you guys recommend? Getting a brand new set is way out of my budget and I believe that they are discontinued. Might be looking for something from Bareknuckle, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio etc. I am looking for something as close to the Tony Iommi Humbuckers as possible. Thanks!
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