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  1. Thanks Megafrog It's still there as you say, I was the first owner (store bought), but I was thinking of softening the finish and using a metal stamp to print it again.. Or as you say "leave it be"
  2. Hi All! My first time on here and I was hoping someone could shed some light on a "STUPID" mistake I made. I was doing a few touchups on the headstock of my '98 Explorer and I accidentally dropped some acetone on the last digit of the serial number!!!! I know... I'm an idiot :) Before I knew it, the indentation of the last digit was melting and soon enough the digit vanished, because the acetone sort of leveled the finish. Now what I want to know is and I assume that the S/N is stamped into the bare wood before color and finishing? So in other words the digit is still there I just need to remove some of the finish in order to make it appear again? I haven't uploaded photo as I am at work at the moment, but will upload the actual catastrophe once I get home :) The serial number is the same as what you find of the back of a Standard Les Paul Thanks guys, all help will be appreciated Thanks
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