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  1. I just love the pictures of the 30 year aged guitar. Them feet in the second picture look quite aged too! ! LOL :D/
  2. Hacks

    What the PLEK?

    Thanks everyon for sharing your knowledge with me.
  3. Hacks

    Tom murphy aged

    Thanks Everyone, I am appreciative of your comments, and hope I didnt stir up a hornets nest! ! Crossroadsnyc - I'll post some pics of my GT when it arrives. RGDS CBW
  4. Forgive a silly question from a newcomer, but what exactly is plekking?? I have heard the word many times, and my curiosity got the better of me.
  5. Hacks

    Tom murphy aged

    Thanks are nine. At $3000 that would havebeen a bargain for sure! So we are looking around $6000 then?
  6. Can anyone one out there give me an idea of what price I am likely to pay for a Tom Murphy aged les paul goldtop? Not the price from Gibson but a realistic shop price when you go in with $$$$$$. Thanks
  7. I thought my Les Paul was a bit heavy so I cut it in half to see why. LOL:-s
  8. Bought my SG and Explorer used, but from a reputable dealer. It is too easy to get scammed by a replica these days. I also concur that y ou should go for Gibson over epi if you have the dosh. BTW are nine your tele looks EXCELLENT - I love that natural wood finish.
  9. I agree. take some bleach and dilute it about 5 to 1 and swab the affected areas. Rinse off withwater and let it dry in the sun - plenty of sun will kill the mould spores and the bleach should take the smell away. My dad is a chemist and recommended the above. You should get some good strong sunshine where you live. Hacks
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