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  1. Ned Steinberger, the man, is still very much alive. I saw him about 3 weekends ago at a symposium for musical instrument craftsmanship in Concord, MA.
  2. I happened to buy one of those floor models in late summer. The finish (red) is in great shape. No nicks/dings/scratches. It has block inlays, which feels like an upgrade over simple dots. The neck is narrower than I was expecting. When I try to finger pick, my fingers feel a bit bunched up. Otherwise, I really like it.
  3. Hi Jason. I'm from Boston and I take songwriting lessons with a Berklee College grad named Nate Sabat. He's very good at helping me develop and refine musical ideas. He also includes in his "lessons" the actual recording and editing songs using whatever software you have (I use GarageBand which is sufficient for me). I believe he's listed on TakeLessons.
  4. Oh, man. So very sorry you are going through this. I hope you get your guitars back.
  5. I learned Rhinestone Cowboy just a few months ago. It really brought me back to my youth. I used to love watching Glen and Jerry Reed play Guitar Man. They seemed to be having so much fun.
  6. Hi 3LP. I'm new to the board and from Boston also. This is a non sequitur, but as I was walking home this evening I saw a really good band busking in the Public Gardens. I didn't catch their name, but they sounded great. Here's a picture of them. https://slack-files.com/T63M8QMJS-F6B24B3UG-8c9fad17a7
  7. Hi Bob. I'm Sam. I live in Back Bay. I'm also new to the board. I own a 2013 Les Paul Standard and a 1979 The Paul. I've been looking at semi-hollow bodies for the past 3 months. Can't make up my mind if I prefer the 339 or the 335. I like having the jack on the underside of the guitar and the more modest body size of the 339 is very appealing. But, I need to play a few different models to determine which sounds the best.
  8. Waiting to be validated

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